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This is the page that holds general information regarding the Wikia Staff.

Current Staff

User Ranks About
Ursuul Bureaucrat-small.svg
Chief of Staff, Head of State, oppressive despot. Spends 95% of the time procrastinating, has no chill.
Zathsu Bureaucrat-small.svg
Honorary & advisory Bureaucrat and creative soul. Left for a while to found and run Conception Wikia, but is back due to the merge. Faithful and best servant of her master, Teamerz. Stands around and looks cute. Creator of The Tale of Diep.
Banarama Admin-small.svg Code-small.svg
Active, nice, and long-standing BAnaNa. Does FUn EvENtS and CoOL ArT — she is the antithesis to Pragma-Ursuul.
TheGoldenPatrik1 Admin-small.svg Code-small.svg
A balrog that can be seen cleaning up the wiki, administrating the community, moderating discussions, obliterating vandals, botching doing code, and making conceptions.
Radium212 Admin-small.svg
Amateur physicist and chemist, spends a lot of time in Forum. Curator in the museum of broken dreams.
The Tidal Wave DiscussionsModerator-small.svg ChatModerator-small.svg
Mainly makes conceptions on this wiki, occasionally can be seen editing mainspace. Is in chat a lot. While not roleplaying with fellow staff Tacocat247 or fellow users ArenaCloser1337 and TBOO-Y, is willing to help when asked. Also makes nice 3D art of tanks and conceptions. Is unconditionally loyal to the wiki and its bureaucrats Ursuul and Zathsu, and dislikes anyone who hates them. Unfortunately, his timezone often distances him from the other staff. Is tolerant of many things; treachery, lies and lewdness are not one of them.
Nobellion DiscussionsModerator-small.svg Code-small.svg
An experienced user. You can ask him for coding help anytime!
Tacocat247 ChatModerator-small.svg Code-small.svg
A Cat-like Conceptionist who tries to help others the best they can. Will appear in chat a lot (Usually role-playing), but has a 72% chance of his internet nuking itself.
Graviatar ChatModerator-small.svg
A talented artist known to help out in many art projects around this wikia, such as medals. He is often around mainly in the conception side, involved with the development of the Tale of Diep. A friend of Zathsu. He is also a polygon fanatic some may say.
Utkar22 ChatModerator-small.svg
Utkar22, your friendly (usually) neighbourhood (not likely, actually, timezone is +5.30) Charizard. Likes to procastinate, a lot. A hella lot. Is leader of Agario Wiki. May not be so active, homework kills him. Can be directly contacted on Discord.
TropicalStormChapsteck Code-small.svg
Semi-inactive admin. A little bit up to their knees in wikia nonsense, considering they had joined another wiki. You'll see them on chat a lot but they'll come on, chat for 15 minutes, wait 3 hours, and say something else. (lenny) Helps with wikiprojects and will be active in chat when there's something to talk about.
Diepmon Rollback-small.svg N/A
AwesomeAquamarine Rollback-small.svg N/A

Staff Rank Descriptions

Bureaucrat-small.svg Senior Administrators

Senior Administrators are currently active Bureaucrats. Senior Admins have full power & head the Wikia.

Admin-small.svg Community Administrators

Community Administrators are trusted community managers in the same sense as normal Administrators on other Wikis. They have full moderation control, can promote, demote, or Block users, & have access to nearly all administrative tools, excepting only MediaWiki access.

DiscussionsModerator-small.svg Moderators

Moderators are users selected by Community Administrators who have been given permissions to moderate all social areas of the Wikia.

ChatModerator-small.svg Sentinels

Sentinels are users selected by Community Administrators who have been given extra permissions to help with content moderation, namely the rollback,[1] Block, & Suppress Redirect[2] tools. They can also moderate Chat.

Code-small.svg Code Administrators

Code Administrators are technical specialists who have been given freer access to the Template & MediaWiki namespaces to allow them to contribute to our Wikia’s codebase.

Rollback-small.svg Interns — Max: Five

Interns are users with temporary user-rights. They may have Sentinel rights, Moderator rights, or both. This is to allow them to prove that they will use their rights consistently & fairly. For more info on Interns, click here.

See also

  1. Allows a user to undo all edits by another user in order to help clean up vandalism.
  2. Allows a user to move pages without leaving a redirect behind.

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