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Current Staff

User Ranks About
Ursuul Bureaucrat-small.svg
Chief of Staff, Head of State, oppressive despot. Spends 95% of the time procrastinating, has no chill.
Banarama Bureaucrat-small.svg
A slightly witty Banana who somehow usurped control of the wiki. Does fun events and projects, neat templates & CSS, etc. Was around back when even Ursuul was new!
Fall Out Wave Admin-small.svg
Semi-retired administrator formerly known as The Tidal Wave. Mainly makes conceptions on this wiki. Can't play due to horrible lag issues. Is willing to assist just about any user when asked. Is unconditionally loyal to the wiki (unless it conflicts with either 1. Logic and Common Sense or 2. Real life issues, in which case they go first) and its former Senior Administrator Zathsu, current Senior Administrators Ursuul and Banarama, and mistrusts anyone who hates them. Is trilingual; Speaks fluent English, Chinese and Sarcasm. Unfortunately, his inconvenient timezone often distances him from the other staff. Is tolerant of many things; treason is not one of them. Said treason's definition may vary. Is currently a Community Administrator, though position occasionally fluctuates, as well as reputation. Enjoys school. Sense of humour is admittedly rather nonexistent. Also has a penchant for big walls of text, as can be seen in this unnecessarily long, somewhat verbose self-written biography which isn't utilized anywhere except for the Staff Page, and even then, the entire paragraph can be collapsed with the single press of a button. Ironically, is almost mute in real life; rarely speaks, if at all.
GellyPop Admin-small.svg
Knowledgeable user, one of Wiki's Community Administrators, currently lone Staff Artist, clone of a polygon artist, Democratic Era-born citizen, regular Wiki activity patrol/watchman, Wiki loyalist, music-lover-of-not-all-genres, glitch slime. Here's his message wall but Discord is better for contacting him.
Kaznith DiscussionsModerator-small.svg ChatModerator-small.svg
Kaznith is a new staff member who likes to help out around the wiki. Has experience in HTML and CSS. If you require assistance then please leave a message on his wall
Type: Sparky DiscussionsModerator-small.svg
Friendly water dragon who tries to do too many things at once. Local master of unpunniness, excellence Excellent.png, and baguettes. Knows too much, likes paradoxes, and manages to be French and British at the same time. Lurking/active on Discord, Chat, etc. for basically too much of the time. Is cursed with British timezone. If you have a question, go and ask him on his Message Wall, and he'll get back to you in however long it takes. Sparky's colon used to wreck CSS but it got conquered by Bob the Skull, which is frankly rather Excellent.png.
Royalbaby ChatModerator-small.svg
Everything says new about this guy. I mean, he's an infant (according to his profile picture), new to this wiki as of 16-8-2018, and relatively new to FANDOM. Likes the yellow colors of sentinel because they complement his name and the crown he's wearing. Can barely play because it's laggy as of 16-8-2018. Is willing to help users but the response will probably be delayed because of real life issues. Speaks one language (that is, English if you haven't already seen). His SPECIAL stats: S:2; P:3; E:3; C:1; I:5; A:2; L:0. Well, what do you expect from a baby? Is also very sarcastic and gullible so if you try to pull a trick on me I'll probably fall for it. Is not a very skilled coder but can help with the basic stuff. Contact me here.
TheGoldenPatrik1 Code-small.svg
Retired Community Admin, left to focus on other things across the network but still hangs around for coding 'n stuff.
Nobellion Code-small.svg
An experienced user. You can ask him for coding help anytime!

Staff Rank Descriptions

Bureaucrat-small.svg Senior Administrators

Senior Administrators are currently active Bureaucrats. Senior Admins have full power & head the Wikia.

Admin-small.svg Community Administrators

Community Administrators are trusted community managers in the same sense as normal Administrators on other Wikias. They have full moderation control, can promote, demote, or Block users, & have access to nearly all administrative tools, excepting only MediaWiki access.

DiscussionsModerator-small.svg Moderators

Moderators are users selected by Community Administrators who have been given permissions to moderate all social areas of the Wikia.

ChatModerator-small.svg Sentinels

Sentinels are users selected by Community Administrators who have been given extra permissions to help with content moderation, namely the rollback,[1] Block, & Suppress Redirect[2] tools. They can also moderate Chat.

Code-small.svg Code Administrators

Code Administrators are technical specialists who have been given freer access to the Template & MediaWiki namespaces to allow them to contribute to our Wikia’s codebase.

Rollback-small.svg Interns

Interns are users with temporary user-rights. They may have Sentinel rights, Moderator rights, or both. This is to allow them to prove that they will use their rights consistently & fairly. For more info on Interns, click here.

See also

  1. Allows a user to undo all edits by another user in order to help clean up vandalism.
  2. Allows a user to move pages without leaving a redirect behind.