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Blue Team Protectors circling the spawn zone


“No official name has been given? Oh, I see.”
Protector’s name is conjectural. No official name has been given, and it is subject to change at any time.

Protectors are AI-controlled units who defend the spawn areas of teams in 2 Teams, 4 Teams, and Domination. They are similar to the Drones launched by the Battleship, as well as the defunct Mothership, and the Guardian, due to size. Protectors can be killed by Arena Closers. They do not have God Mode, but they have Max Drone health.


Team Deathmatch and Domination

In 4 Teams and Domination, there are 12 Protectors in the center of each base. In 2 Teams Deathmatch there are 30 Protectors in total and they are spread evenly in pairs all across the base.

They slowly circle around in the Base area of a team. Whenever an enemy player gets in their range, they will rush out at them and dispatch them in short order. The only way to survive after they have locked onto you is moving out of their range. This makes farming enemy players near their base impossible. However, players can clump out of the Protectors' range. They damage Polygons when it crash into one, and they also destroy Bullets and all other types of ammunition.

Note that Protectors are faster than Boosters, making it impossible to linger around a base without getting hit.

In fact, Protectors will defend the Base from The Fallen Booster and The Fallen Overlord, but they usually don’t target Polygon-based Bosses, such as The Guardian, The Summoner, and The Defender, unless those provoke them first, making it harder for players to survive the Bosses’ attacks.


The Protectors resemble the Drones of all summoning tanks, excluding the Necromancer and the Factory with their Squares and Tanks for Drones. They are in the color of their team (though of darker shading) and are smaller than regular Drones.


  • Before August 22nd, 2016, Protectors didn't target any Bosses, but now they target the Fallen ones immediately, and Polygon-based Bosses when provoked.


  • Due to not having an official name, Protectors are referred as "An unnamed tank" on the death screen.
  • Many players believe that Protectors are immortal, however their health is not infinite. Indeed, they have a large amount of health, small size and high speed, and that's what makes them highly durable. Protectors also respawn if they get destroyed.
  • Their health pool is currently unknown, but they probably have more health than the Alpha Pentagon.
    • Arena Closers can kill them, and indeed whenever Arena Closers provoke them by shooting or bumping into them, Protectors will swarm and die upon it.
  • Protectors do not target Crashers.
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