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The Scoreboard, also called the Leaderboard, is a miscellaneous feature in It is located at the top right corner of the screen during the gameplay, the scoreboard does not display on the title screen. The scoreboard displays the top 10 players of Survival, Free For All, 2 Teams, and 4 Teams, the number of players on each team in Tag Mode and the Health of the two Motherships of the now defunct Mothership Game Mode. There is no leaderboard in Domination.

The Score

The score determines your position on the scoreboard and the level of your tank. Your score and level are always indicated below in the center of your screen during the gameplay in the score bar, which also displays a bar (color depends on team—default green) which shows your score compared to the top player. In Free For All, 2 Teams, and 4 Teams, your score will be indicated on the scoreboard if it’s high enough.

To increase your score you have to destroy polygons, other players or bosses.

Scoreboards by Game Mode

Free For All

In Free For All, the top 10 players are arranged from highest to lowest score. In VERY old versions of it was arranged by the number of kills, then it was changed to highest to lowest score (no bars), then the comparison to first bar was added, and then at the right of the comparison bar, the class of that player was added.


In Survival, the scoreboard works exactly like the Free For All scoreboard.

2 Teams and 4 Teams

In the 2 and 4 Teams modes, the top 10 players are arranged from highest to lowest score, no matter what team they are on. The scoring system is the same as Free For All.


Domination is the only game mode without a scoreboard.


In the removed Mothership game mode, the health of both Motherships were displayed and were arranged from highest to lowest HP.

Tag Mode

In Tag Mode, the amount of players the four teams have are displayed and arranged from highest to lowest number. If the four teams have the same score, the order will be Blue>Red>Purple>Green.


In Sandbox, the scoreboard works exactly like the Free For All scoreboard.


In Maze, the scoreboard works exactly like the Free For All scoreboard.



The Leader Arrow

The leader is number one on the scoreboard. An arrow will show where the leader is, but if the leader is close, the arrow will disappear. The leader themselves also cannot see the arrow. Most leaders are very skilled and often focus more on tanks instead of polygons. Leaders are usually found as Octo Tanks, Triple Twins, and lack of Bullets tanks. Streamliners and Triplets can also be the leader.

Leader Strategies

As the leader

  • As Octo Tank - Be sure to use Auto Spin to make it harder for enemies to destroy. This will Bullet Shield yourself due to the Barrels surrounding it.
  • As Triple Twin - Similar to the Octo Tank’s skill but must not rotate the whole time because other tanks could time it correctly and shoot the gaps in between your barrels. If it tries to, you can quickly turn away the gap and point the barrels at the tank.
  • As Streamliner - You should be okay because of its fast and straight firing to eliminate fields of shapes. Be aware to not get distracted or else you can get destroyed. When trying to beat an Alpha Pentagon, you can turn back to the enemy either destroying it or making it run away. If surrounded you can spray the weakest tank and scare away the others.
  • As Triplet - Similar to Streamliner strategy but can have other ways for defeating other tanks. If a player is number two on the scoreboard and close to your score, you can let it chase you and lure it to your base if 2 or 4 teams. Due to the Triplet’s strong bullets it could chase away the enemy suspiciously into the Pentagon Nest and causing it to crash into an Alpha Pentagon.
  • As other leader - If you are another type of leader not the ones above, you must use your attacks to destroy fields of shapes or tanks. Being the leader can be useful for destroying, even the toughest tanks, on the scoreboard and causing everybody on your team to get on it if it's 2 or 4 teams or even the removed Team Deathmatch.

Against the leader

  • Fighting Octo Tank leader - This can be difficult unless the leader is unskilled, if you want to get rid of it, lure it into the Pentagon Nest and have it distracted by the Alpha Pentagon if it’s there. Shoot it while it is distracted, if it notices you or your shots, it will charge at the tank. Be sure to see it onscreen so you can get away deciding the leader making it resume to his job. Be careful to not go too far or else it’s health will regenerate to 100% before you resume your attacking.
  • Fighting leader Triple Twin - You can do the same to the Octo Tank leader but it is easier though. Use the Stalker or Ranger to eliminate health from it when it doesn’t use Auto Spin. If it notices the bullets coming from it offscreen, it will charge usually. If it is 2 or 4 teams, try using the Annihilator or Hybrid for hard damaging as well. Threaten it with your bullets and lure it close to you base. As you and protectors damage it, however, this can only be done if the leader is on a different team.
  • Fighting leader Streamliner - Predators are effective against this unless the Streamliner is targeting you. But an Annihilator is the best as its gigantic bullet can destroy the stream.


  • Old Scoreboard, calculated with number of kills
  • Second design, calculated with Score
  • Third Free For All Scoreboard (no tank classes shown)
  • Current Free For All Scoreboard
  • Old TDM Design (no tank classes shown)
  • TDM (2 teams) Current Scoreboard
  • TDM Scoreboard (4 teams)
  • Old Tag Mode Scoreboard
  • Current Tag Mode Scoreboard
  • Old Mothership Scoreboard


  • The old Scoreboard had no bars and the score was shown inside the parenthesis after the player’s name. Player Name (Score).
  • Domination is the only gamemode without a scoreboard.
  • The removed Team DM and Mothership, had its own kind of new player spawning system depending on the scoreboard. New players would spawn on the team with the lowest contribution to the scoreboard. For example, if there are more red team players than blue team players listed on the scoreboard, then new players will spawn on blue team. If Red Team’s Mothership has lower HP than Blue Team’s Mothership, then new players will spawn on Red Team.
  • As of August 8th, 2016, the players’ classes now appear on the scoreboard right on the left, near their username.
  • When you hover over a player on the Scoreboard, the bar turns brighter.
  • In the beginning of a server, you spawn on the leaderboard as the leader until the bar immediately goes down.
  • The leader’s tank portrayed on the scoreboard is backwards compared to others. (Left facing)
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