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The Sprayer is an upgrade from the Machine Gun which can be selected at Level 45 if the player does not select an upgrade at Level 30. The Sprayer cannot upgrade further.


The Sprayer features a circular base with a trapezoidal barrel similar to the Machine Gun’s, but longer, overlapping a longer cylindrical Barrel, much like the Hunter, the Unnamed Destroyer upgrade and the Predator.


The Sprayer features an increased rate of fire and increased recoil. It fires in a sequence of 3 Bullets where it shoots 1 normal sized bullet and then shoots another normal and 1 smaller bullet simultaneously. The larger bullet is as strong as a Machine Gun bullet, and the small one is seven times weaker. However, the big Barrel is wide, making it less accurate while the small Barrel is accurate, at the cost of doing significantly less damage.



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  • Strong Against: Ramming/Melee tanks, tanks with low Penetration and DPS (Damage Per Second), Gunner branch, Triplets (if played properly)
  • Weak Against: Sniper-class Tanks, Trappers (If you are low on health), Skilled Overlords and Skimmers

As the Sprayer

The Sprayer has high reload and spread. It could be thought of as a mix of a Machine Gun and a Triplet. Thus, similar strategies could be used.

Because of the bullet spread, the Sprayer actually has a chance at killing a Triplet, despite the Triplet being able to deal more concentrated DPS. Assuming the Sprayer has maxed out bullet penetration, its bullets could block the Triplet's bullets while possibly hitting the Triplet's sides and damaging it.

The Sprayer also has high recoil, thus making it easy for one to dodge bullets or escape easily, which is why Sprayer players will have a good time against Destroyer classes. Because of the opponent's slow reload, the Sprayer can dodge each big bullet and then quickly turn its cannons to fire at the opponent. However, it gets much more complicated against a Skimmer, because of the opponent's propulsion bullets. A Sprayer would have to dodge both the Missiles and the small bullets, turning the battle into a bullet hell.

This tank, along with other bullet spammers such as the Triplet, is ideal for Survival, as the Sprayer and its previous upgrades are ideal for quickly killing a player’s low-level peers, who rarely have the time to upgrade to a powerful counter-tank such as the Overlord.

Against the Sprayer

The Sprayer lacks a modified FoV radius. The player can take this to their advantage by using any class branching off of Hunter, Overseer, or Assassin. The Smasher and its higher classes also has an increased FoV radius, but isn't really useful since the Smasher's main purpose is to deal body damage.

Speaking of body damage, classes like the Smasher, Annihilator, or Tri-Angle classes, if using body damage, won't do well against the Sprayer. As mentioned earlier, the Sprayer has a very high recoil and can run away from a body damage class easily. The Sprayer also deals high damage fast.

  • Use Drones of Overseer’s branches, and maneuver it at the Sprayer's back or side. Attacking the Sprayer by surprise is an effective strategy especially from behind.
  • DO NOT go up to a Sprayer with a Level 45 regular Tank with Bullet Speed, Damage, Penetration and Reload maxed out. The Bullets might be weak but assuming they did a glass cannon build with it, they could kill you very quickly.
  • However, the smartest of players can cope, and ultimately achieve one of the most masterful scores ever with a glass cannon.
  • Tanks on the Destroyer branch, if used correctly, can be effective against this tank since its bullets can easily pierce through the Sprayer's bullets.



  • The Sprayer was immediately nerfed after being released, with the small Barrel firing a small Bullet instead of a normal Bullet. After recognising that the Sprayer was really overpowered, it was nerfed yet again.
  • The Sprayer was originally a Tier 3 Class, but as from the update from July 31st, the Sprayer is now a Tier 4 Class that still upgrades from the Machine Gun, but at Level 45. It is assumed the Sprayer was moved to Tier 4 because the Hunter and the Sprayer were extremely similar. The Sprayer, however, had much better Reload and thus did much more damage than the Hunter’s double bullet. The Sprayer was recognised to be too strong for Tier 3 as well.


  • The name “Sprayer” is likely based on its insane Reload of uniquely sized Bullets that come out of its Cannons. The Sprayer somewhat resembles the Machine Gun II, as they share many similar traits.
  • The Sprayer and the Triplet are the only Classes to switch Tiers.
  • The Sprayer's small bullet is the weakest ammunition in the game.
  • This also makes the Sprayer one of the former “secret” Class like the Smasher, Landmine, Auto Smasher, and the Mega Smasher, whose introduction was not immediately announced in the Changelog.
  • The Sprayer is the only Tier 4 Tank that branches off a Tier 2 Tank.
  • The smaller Bullet, which doesn’t deal much damage, is to be seen as an asset, as due to the high penetration and it is good at breaking through enemy bullets and preventing regeneration of enemy tanks.
Tier 1 BasicTank UpgradeSlot
Tier 2 FlankMachinegunSniperTwin
Tier 3 Auto 3AssassinDestroyerGunnerHunterOverseer
Quad tankSmasherTrapperTri-angleTriple shotTwin Flank
Tier 4 AnnihilatorTierAuto 5TierAuto GunnerAuto SmasherAuto TrapperBattleshipBooosterFactoryTierFighterrGunner TrapperHybridProfileLandmineManagerprofileMega trapper2NecromancerOctotankOverlordprofileTierOvertrapper 2Penta ShotPredator-0RangerSkimmerSpikeSprayerSpread ShotStalkerStreamlinerTri-trapperTriple TwinTriplet
Removed Auto 4Machinegun2MegaDestroyerMegasmasherMothership 2.0X HunterCircleMounted Turret
Old Versions PredatorOldArena Closer 2.0Landmine-Old
Special New Arena CloserThreeDominatorsMiniMothershipProfileDeveloper-Upgrade

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