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For the rarer version of the square, see Green Square.

Yellow square 2

Size comparison to a Tank

The Square is the most common Polygon in It is also the weakest polygon in the game, having only 10 HP, buttressed with 8 HP in Body Damage.


The Square with the new color scheme.

It can be easily identified by its bright yellow color and its square shape. When killed, it gives 10 score points. A tank with no upgrades can take it out with two shots. If the tank crashes into it, they will both take some damage.

A Necromancer can Squares into its Drones by destroying it with body damage or one of its existing drones. Do not confuse the ones untouched by the Necromancer with the Necromancer’s Minions, which only have a slight tint in FFA and Sandbox.

Although the XP a Square gives may be low, finding a huge cluster of them can make them an XP goldmine and allow you to gain levels easily.


Gotta Start Somewhere — Destroy 10 Squares

Square Hater — Destroy 500 Squares

These Squares Gotta Go — Destroy 10000 Squares


  • If a player collides into it, the player will be destroyed it in one hit. At one point in Body Damage, a player can destroy it receiving slightly less Body Damage in return.
    • Putting one point into Bullet Penetration will allow the player to hit the Square multiple times, killing it with one shot. This may be a better option to gain additional score points per Square.
    • Putting one point into Bullet Damage will also allow the player to destroy a Square in one shot along with the bullet being destroyed.
  • It, along with the Triangle and Pentagon, have a very rare green variation.
  • It is the only specific polygon to be used for earning at least three achievements.
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