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Tag selected in the title screen (old)

Tag or Tag Mode is a game mode where the goal is to defeat all of the enemy team's players. Players who are killed will be "tagged" and will join their killer's team, unless they are killed by a Polygon or a Boss.



The game ends when one team has all of the players.

Tag mode scoreboard

The Scoreboard will look something like this.

  • Like 4 Teams servers, it has four teams: red, blue, purple, and green.
  • When a player dies, the player will join the killer's team. If a Polygon or Boss kills a player, the player will respawn in the same team.
  • Players can't become fully invisible.
  • This game mode has triple experience points gain similar to the removed Mothership.
  • The battle area shrinks as time proceeds.
  • There's no base, similar to Free For All, instead players will spawn all over the map
  • Once a team captures every player, that team wins and the arena will be closed, as shown in the image above.


  • It was originally added on June 5th but soon removed 2 hours later due to lag. It was later re-added on August 15th.
    • Players directly became a member of the opposing team at that time when they got killed, contrary to the common belief that Players become a member of the opposing team upon respawn.
  • As of August 17th, the map slowly gets smaller as time progresses. Previously, they grew and shrunk as players joined and left the server respectively, much like Sandbox.
  • As of August 23rd, the Game Mode now has 4 teams, adding the colors Purple and Green.
  • During August 26th, the Game Mode had a Dominator in the middle of the servers, inside the Pentagon Nest.
    • The Dominator was soon removed on August 27th
  • As of November 12th, Tag has been renamed from Tag Mode to Tag. The win condition and gimmicks stay the same.


  • There's technically no way to lose: Since the winning team is the one that gets all the players onto it, respawning to join the winning team while the winning team wins automatically makes you win as well.
    • If you join in between arena closure and the team winning message, however, you can be on another team using the way Tag death works. Also, if you are the last surviving member of the team opposing the winning team, you can get killed by a Polygon/Boss and respawn in the same team, though the other team would have won.
  • Tag is the only game mode in which the player can switch teams in the same round.
    • Tag is also the only mode to have teams but with no bases, besides the removed Mothership.
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