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Fortresses are a huge mechanic of the game, found in The Realm. They act like dungeons within The Tale of Diep.

Fortresses are gray structures made of walls that form rooms. They spawn throughout The Realm. They house Sons of Panzer as the end boss of the Fortress. Any Fortress in any area can have any Son of Panzer as the boss, but certain areas favor certain Sons spawning, detailed below. Once cleared, the Fortress will vanish, making way for a new one to spawn. 10-24 Defensive Turrets surround a Fortress and must be destroyed to enter it. Defensive Turrets and Dungeon Crawlers spawn inside of Fortresses.

Zathus Titan Battle1

One corner of a Fortress Boss Room can be seen in this image. The players are fighting The Titan.

Layout Edit

Fortresses are massive structures, made of twenty to forty rooms with enemies. These rooms can be pretty randomly sized and have a variety of objects within them, ranging from torches, weapons racks, and shields, to piles of Tankit, skeletons, and more. The floors are stone brick, and the walls are of similar fashion, as seen in the image to the right. Loot chests can be found and destroyed throughout the Fortress for items, experience, etc.

At the end of the Fortress is a final thin hall, that leads into the boss room. The Son of Panzer will be sitting idly in the middle, and will sit that way for 20 seconds, Invincible, allowing players time to enter the boss room. After the 20 seconds ends, the room will close.

Sons of Panzer Spawn Rates Edit

Some spawns have a higher chance of spawning than others based on what area of The Realm the Fortress spawns in. All Sons of Panzer can still spawn in any Fortress in any area as the boss, but the Sons listed under a particular area have the highest chances of appearing.

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Trivia Edit

  • Fanboys of Panzer, a randomly spawning neutral entity, usually lead to Fortresses, as they actively seek out Panzer-related tanks, of which of the Sons of Panzer are included.
  • The common interpretation of Fortresses are the ones seen in Graviatar's art, who created the one above.
  • Some Fortresses have special setpieces exclusive to certain bosses. Like during a fight with The Lich, the boss room tiles will be hexagonal, darker, and there will be four Drone Hives in the room.
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