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The Polygon Mother is a powerful entity created by Panzer to populate the realm with indigenous creatures we call "Polygons". Shortly after the creation of her during the Panzer Era, she arisen her children, which are the Disciples of the polygons, each representing a major breed of polygon that is found throughout the realm. They now they reside within well-protected fortresses. For the longest time the Polygons as a whole were in peace until the Era's downfall when the Tanks have began to utilize them as resources for power, which has infuriated her since. She prompt the Disciples to find ways to protect the polygons without their direct input as the realm is a very big place, and thus it can't be fully protected by just only the nine beings. The creation of the Nest Defenders and the higher superiors that constantly patrol the small provinces. They were proven effective, for a while...

After the sealing of Panzer, the Polygon Mother had to create a sub-realm which is now called The Ascension to protect her children and millions of polygons from utter chaos and destruction during the Dormancy Period.

Now in the Middle Era, the Disciples have all gone on their own routs and creating very well-protected fortresses to manage and protect the lands where the polygons migrated and now reside. The Polygon Mother remains within the Ascension, and refuses to escape it, as it was the last resort for her species. However she doesn't need have her physical form to be in the Realm. On those faithful days, she can take revenge against the tanks by manifesting herself within the realm as a feared icon today known to be called The Storm of Fragments - a massive entity comprised of thousands of polygons forced into a single, breathing entity with incredible strength.

Even though now she has burning hate against the Tanks, the Cult didn't do too well either with protecting the Polygons, especially those who use them as servants, or how they have also converted them for their own advantage. Generally she is neutral to the Cult, but not entirely fond if it either. This means that most Polygon-based enemy such as pink Crashers will also attack anyone including polygons that are involved with the Cult. (So this means Guardian X will be attacked as well). Mechanized polygons from Dr. Lacus, ironically are neutral to them, and will even fight amongst each other against the Tank Empire. There are rare occasions that the Polygon Mother may speak to the Archprophet.

She is the final boss in The Ascension game mode. Reachable once all eight Disciples are killed again and gone through the second layer of her special realm to encounter her at the end. She awaits the tanks with full patience... The Polygon Mother is considered a Legendary Boss, having more strength than even the Archprophet himself.

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