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Tiers are separate Tank Classes, organized with the characteristics of their Cannon(s).

The official class tree as of 3 March 2017 UTC. The class tree can be opened in game by pressing Y on your keyboard in

Tiers are represented in the Class Tree, shown on the picture to the right, as a series of concentric rings containing every Class in the game. It can be displayed in-game by holding the Y key. In the direct center of the Class Tree is the starting tank; or Tier 1, or Level 1. The first ring contains Tier 2 (Level 15) tanks, the second ring contains Tier 3 (Level 30) tanks, and the outermost ring contains Tier 4 (Level 45) tanks. Areas shaded black on the tree indicate an unavailable Upgrade in that tier.

There is a recurring pattern of colors in the upgrade selection menu and the Class Tree. The first tank will always have a light blue background. The second tank will be green. The third tank will be red. The fourth tank will be yellow. The fifth will be dark blue. The sixth tier will be purple. (this order can be found in the tank’s add stats buttons which are color-reversed, or based on the game mode selection and colored Achievements list, which use that color pattern, and is only used for the Factory as of now). Regardless of speculation, these colors do not seem to represent anything other than a simple order pattern to more easily distinguish tanks apart when quickly selecting an upgrade for now.

Tier 1: Level 1

All players begin their journey and spawn with a Level 1, Tier 1 Tank, a balanced tank with no base Stat buffs or nerfs, just base Stats.

This is the tank you start out as in The player has one cannon that can destroy yellow squares in two hits, red triangles in five, and blue pentagons in 22. The health, bullet, and movement statistics are average, and can be upgraded as the player gains more points upon destroying Polygons and killing other tanks.

Tier 2: Level 15

Upon reaching Level 15, the player may choose to upgrade to one of these Tier 2 specializations:

Tank Upgrades

Twin Twin
If the player chooses the Twin Class, their player will get an extra Cannon, resulting in Bullet production at twice the speed, but damage and penetration are slightly reduced. This means that the Twin has much better base Reload than the Basic Tank.
Sniper Sniper
If the player chooses to upgrade to the Sniper Class, they receive an enhanced field of view. (FoV) This allows them to see further and launch a surprise attack on other tanks with a lowered field of view. Bullet Speed is also increased. However, the Reload speed is significantly reduced.
Machinegun Machine Gun

If the player upgrades to the Machine Gun Class, they will gain an upgrade in the rate of Bullet Speed that isn’t visible, but lose some of the accuracy. This allows the player to pursue enemies quicker rather than having a long standoff at close range.

Flank Flank Guard

If the player chooses the Flank Guard class, the player gains an additional Cannon on the opposite end of the first cannon of the tank. This allows the player to shoot two ways instead of being forced to turn constantly in defense.

Tier 3: Level 30

Upon reaching Level 30, the player may choose to upgrade to one of these Tier 3 specializations:

Twin Upgrades

Triple shot Triple Shot
Adding a third Cannon to the front and spreading the guns out rather than all three firing in one direction, Triple Shot is able to cover a wide area with Bullets, however direct firepower is significantly less than before.
Quad tank Quad Tank
The player has 4 guns on all 4 sides. They all shoot at the same time, allowing the player to spam Bullets in all directions. Direct firepower is significantly less than before.
Twin Flank Twin Flank
The player now mirrors the two guns to the back of the tank, adding an extra defense to the back, and disabling recoil.

Sniper Upgrades

Assassin Assassin
The player’s field of view is expanded even more. Your bullets deals more damage and has more speed. Reload is significantly reduced.
Overseer Overseer
The player now generates Drones instead of shooting bullets. You will summon them at a rate of 2 at a time. The Drones follow your cursor if you hold the left mouse, press or turn on auto fire and move away from your cursor if you hold the right mouse. Otherwise, they surround you or attack the nearest Polygons. You can have a maximum of 8 Drones.
Hunter Hunter
The player gains a small Cannon inside of the main Cannon. It is very similar to the Sniper, in the way that the large cannon will fire immediately after the small one. Its Field of View is slightly larger than a Sniper's. Its Cannons look like a Deployer (unique to the Skimmer), but a Deployer is quite a bit wider than the Hunter's Cannon.
Trapper Trapper
The player’s cannon is replaced with a Launcher. It still has a Sniper’s Field of View and barely any recoil. It launches Traps which are stationary and visible.

Machine Gun Upgrades

Destroyer Destroyer
The player becomes a very bulky tank that no longer has a fast rate of fire, but instead, shoots a giant bullet that deals a tremendous amount of damage while giving the Destroyer a huge amount recoil. It kills most tanks in one shot.
GunEr Gunner
The player gets a Tank with four small cannons, enabling them to overwhelm an area. The Bullet Damage and Penetration are greatly decreased.

Flank Guard Upgrades

Tri-angle Tri-Angle
The player now has 2 additional Cannons in behind that give them extra recoil. They can easily speed up the player to chase other tanks.
Quad tank Quad Tank
The player has 4 Cannons, positioned 90 degrees apart. The Cannons at the front and back and the Cannons at the sides fire at the same time.
Twin Flank Twin Flank
The player now has 2 Cannons on both sides. And when one Cannon from one side shoots, one from the other side shoots as well. Because there are 2 guns, the Reload is doubled.
Auto 3
The player’s Cannons are replaced by three side-mounted Auto Turrets which shoot at the closest thing nearby. They shoot surprisingly strong small Bullets and the closest 1-2 to your mouse can be controlled by pressing E. Auto Spin is permanently enabled for this tank. The turrets have ~70 degrees worth of rotation each.

Tank Upgrades

Note: This requires players to stay as a Basic Tank until at least Level 30.

The Smasher removes all Bullet stats and allows the remaining ones to be upgraded ten times instead of seven. The smasher is just the body of a tank with a hexagonal border.

Tier 4: Level 45

Upon reaching Level 45, the player may select one of these Tier 4 specializations. This is the final tier that most tanks are able to legitimately reach and is also the final level that any player can reach, unless they press H in Domination game mode to become the Dominator which is fixed at Level 75.

Twin Flank Upgrades

Triple Twin Triple Twin
The Triple Twin allows the player to have three sets of Twin Cannons, each set spaced at equidistant points from each other. This will spread the Bullets in a fashion similar to the Octo Tank, though it is not as spread out and direct firepower is significantly greater.
FlankBattleshipIcon Battleship
The Battleship replaces all your Cannons with Mini Spawners that pump out small Drones at an extremely fast rate. These must be manually controlled to spawn and half of the Drones must be manually controlled too. However, Drones automatically disappear a short time after spawning.

Quad Tank Upgrades

Octotank Octo Tank
Eight Cannons offer more power than four, and the Octo Tank allows the player to shoot in all directions, due to each Cannon being equidistantly spaced from the other. This will result in a storm of Bullets that spread throughout the area. In contrast however, this tank moves significantly slower than before and has reduced direct firepower.
QuadTankAuto5 Auto 5
The Auto 5 upgrades from the Quad Tank by getting one more gun and replaces all Cannons with Auto Turrets. The player can control 2-3 Turrets and have more firepower. The Turrets can’t rotate as much, though.

Triple Shot Upgrades

3t Triplet

Triplet has an extra Cannon compared to the Twin, significantly increases its firing rate, and it is one of the fastest shooters in the game. If the Bullets are not deflected, then escape can be hard for mid and short range. It is recommended for a level 30 Twin to avoid upgrading to Triple Shot until getting to level 45, as its Bullets are very spread out and have little direct firepower.

Penta Shot Penta Shot
The Penta Shot can fire 5 Bullets at a rapid speed. It will shoot the whole area in front of the tank with a plethora of Bullets, in a similar fashion to the Octo Tank, except the guns are much closer together and only shoots in front of the tank. Also, it has high recoil.
Spread Shot Spread Shot
A class with eleven Cannons! The Spread Shot shoots these sequentially and, like its name implies, generates a massive “spread” of Bullets which have surprisingly high penetration. The center Cannon will fire a normal-sized Bullet, while the other ten Cannons will fire smaller ones. It has almost no recoil.

Overseer Upgrades

OverlordprofileTier Overlord
Same as the Overseer, but now has four Spawners in which the Drones will spawn. The maximum of eight remains the same, but the Reload is doubled.
Necromancer Necromancer
The player now loses all ability to fire any sort of projectile. Instead, the first task of this class must be to “infect” a nearby square using the tank’s body. That square can infect other squares, and so on until you can have a maximum army of up to 36 squares (at Max Drone Count).

Reload turns into Drone Count, which increases max Drone Count by 2 per upgrade. These deadly squares do less damage than the Overseer/Overlord’s Drones, but their vast number and sheer force can overwhelm opponents.
Managerprofile Manager
The player now loses one Spawner, leaving only one remaining. This is mitigated somewhat, since the sole Spawner produces Drones a shade faster, and eight Drones is still the cap. The Manager is also able to turn invisible, similar to the Stalker and the Landmine.
Overtrapper Overtrapper
A Trapper with two uncontrollable drones, similar to the Hybrid.
Battleship Battleship
The Battleship replaces all your Spawners with Mini Spawners that pump out small Drones at an extremely fast rate. The drones' spawn can be controlled, and half of the existent Drones are controllable as well. A Drone will last for 3 seconds before disappearing.
From now on, instead of spawning Drones, this tank will spawn a maximum of 6 Minions, all of which follow the cursor when E is pressed (Auto Fire). Its appearance is identical to that of a Necromancer, except that there is only one Spawner. There is also a chance that newly spawned players will spawn out of one.

Assassin Upgrades

Ranger Ranger
The Ranger is exactly like the Assassin, except that its Field of View is larger than those of the Assassin and the Stalker.
New Stalker Stalker

The Stalker speeds up the bullets, allowing it to easily snipe down any unprepared lower range tanks. The Stalker also has a special ability: invisibility. The Stalker can turn invisible when it is immobile and has not fired any bullets for about 2 seconds. While invisible, the player can still be damaged, but their HP bar will not be shown to other players unless the invisibility is fully dispelled. When damaged, invisibility weakens, causing the outline of the tank to be visible. Should the Stalker take enough damage, or begin to move away, the invisibility cloak will completely drop.

Tri-Angle Upgrades


This Tri-Angle upgrade adds 2 extra guns on the back allowing faster movement from recoil.


This variant of the Tri-Angle has two extra guns on the sides for better defense and offense.

Destroyer Upgrades

HybridProfile Hybrid

It is a hybrid of Overseer and Destroyer. It has a Spawner at the back of the tank, with a maximum of two uncontrollable Drones. Then, of course, there’s the Destroyer Cannon.

AnnihilatorTier Annihilator
Its Bullet is nearly twice as large as its predecessor, the Destroyer’s. It also has increased recoil and same Reload. Its Bullet Damage and Penetration is the same as the Destroyer's.

A similar design to the Hunter but with wider Cannons, this tank has a Deployer and shoots a Destroyer Bullet with two Small Cannons attached at its back flanks. However, the main bullet's damage is significantly decreased.

Hunter Upgrades

Predator-0 Predator
The Predator adds a third Cannon to the top of the tank and also gives it a unique ability where if you hold right-click, you can focus your vision farther in the direction you are facing. The zoom screen doesn’t move with you, though, so zoom wisely! This tank is a combination of the old two-Cannon Predator and the X Hunter. Its bullets are very damaging.
Streamliner Streamliner
The Streamliner replaces all Cannons with five short overlapping Cannons. They all fire one after another extremely quickly making for a pseudo-laser of Gunner Bullets.

Trapper Upgrades

Tri-trapper Tri-Trapper
The Tri-Trapper has tripled Trap production, faster Reload, and shorter Trap lifespan. It almost purely a defensive tank, and is best utilized to provide cover for team mates.
Gunner Trapper Gunner Trapper
A unique combination of the Trapper and the Gunner. The two Cannons now point towards your mouse and the Launcher at the back now faces opposite. It launches medium-sized Traps with the properties of regular ones. The Gunner Cannons have half the Reload but insane penetration for what they are.
Overtrapper 2 Overtrapper
It’s a Trapper with two AI drones. This deadly combination can make this tank difficult to approach for non-snipers.
Mega trapper Mega Trapper
It makes the Launcher twice as large and makes it shoot Mega Traps, the most powerful Ammunition in the game. The Mega Trapper has lower Reload than the base Trapper however, and shorter Trap lifespan.
Auto Trapper Auto Trapper
A Trapper with an uncontrolled Auto Turret on top. The Turret is powerful, has free rotation, and is deadly effective when combined with the defensive nature of the Trapper.

Smasher Upgrades

Landmine Landmine
A Smasher which can become invisible while not moving or taking damaged for a full ten seconds. Due to the long time required to become fully invisible, and the quickness with which it can be dispelled, it is heavily advised to use this tank with care.
Auto Smasher Auto Smasher
This Smasher evolution can upgrade all stats to ten each. The uncontrollable Auto Turret on top is the same as the Auto Gunner/Trapper’s, and so makes this tank potentially deadly if enough points are spent on Bullet upgrades or body upgrades, but at the expense of either defense or an effective turret respectively.
Spike Spike
The Spike upon upgrades into only increases Body Damage. Its hull looks like 12 triangles evenly spaced out.

Machine Gun Upgrades

Note: This requires players to stay as a Machine Gun until Level 45.

The Sprayer gains a secondary Cannon in the center of the large Cannon, which shoots Gunner Bullets at about half the Reload of the larger Cannon, albeit much more accurate. The Sprayer also has increased recoil when compared to the Machine Gun.

Gunner Upgrades

Auto Gunner Auto Gunner
A Gunner with an uncontrolled Auto Turret on top. The Turret has free rotation, has an extended FOV, and is surprisingly powerful. Following where this Turret fires can help the player to notice tanks that would normally not be visible to them.
Gunner Trapper Gunner Trapper
A unique ‘combination’ of the Trapper and the Gunner. The two Cannons now point towards your mouse and the Launcher at the back now faces opposite. It launches medium-sized Traps with the properties of regular ones. The Gunner Cannons have half the reload but insane penetration for what they are.
GunnerStreamlinerIcon Streamliner
The Streamliner replaces all Cannons with five short overlapping Cannons. They all fire one after another extremely quickly making for a pseudo-laser of Gunner Bullets.

Auto 3 Upgrades

Auto 5Tier Auto 5
Upon upgrading from the Auto 3, the Auto 5 receives two additional Auto Turrets. The player can now control 2-3 guns at a time, and utilize more firepower. The Turrets cannot rotate a full 360 degrees however, and are quite limited.
Auto3AutoGunner Auto Gunner
A Gunner with an uncontrolled Auto Turret on top. The Turret has free rotation, has an extended FOV, and is surprisingly powerful. Following where this Turret fires can help the player to notice tanks that would normally not be visible to them.

Removed Upgrades

These Classes existed at one point in the game, but have since been replaced or removed altogether.

Mega Smasher
(From Smasher)
Back when the Smasher had knockback resistance instead of 10 upgrades as their special ability, this tank increased the knockback resistance. On August 7th, the knockback resistance bonus was replaced with the 10 stat capacity bonus and thus this tank was removed.
X Hunter X Hunter
(From Hunter)
The X Hunter was the Predator without the zoom ability. It was removed when it and the Old Predator were merged.
MachinegunII Machine Gun II
(From Machine Gun)
This class decreased the spread and had better Reload and Bullet Damage.
Destroyer Mega Destroyer(Destroyer in-game)
(From Machine Gun II)
This was a nickname given to the Destroyer when it upgraded from the Machine Gun II. At that time, it was both a Tier 3 and 4 tank.
Auto 4 Auto 4(Auto Tank in-game)
From Gunner
This tank had four Auto Turrets instead of three or five. It didn’t have Auto Spin on all the time. It was deemed too weak for Tier 4 and was subsequently replaced by an unnamed Flank Guard upgrade (now the Auto 3) and the Auto Tank (now the Auto 5).

Other Upgrades

These are classes that used to be in a different Tier or used to work differently but were kept around and tweaked.

Triplet Old Triplet(Tier 3 upgrade)
From Twin
This was the Triplet when it was one of the most popular easy-access classes around. It was deemed too strong for Tier 3 and was moved to Tier 4 as an upgrade to the Triple Shot.
Sprayer Old Sprayer(Tier 3 upgrade)
From Machine Gun
This class used to shoot just like now’s Sprayer except for the fact that it shot normal Bullets out of the middle instead of Gunner ones. It was deemed too strong for Tier 3 and was thus moved to Tier 4. It was still too strong and got its normal Bullets from the middle replaced by Gunner Bullets.
Predator Old Predator(before merge with X Hunter)
From Hunter
This class was the Predator without the third Cannon. It was removed when it and the X Hunter were merged.
Old Master(before the November 9th update)
From Overseer
This class had three Minion Spawners unlike the Factory and a circular base and uncontrollable Factory Drones. It was renamed to Factory later.


These do not branch off anything; they are only obtainable in Sandbox apart from Developer which is only used by the Developer Zeach himself. The Dominator is the only tank which can be obtained in another game mode by any player by pressing H; that game mode being Domination.

New Arena Closer Arena Closer

The Arena Closer is a tank that can only be used by a player in Sandbox Mode. The Closer only spawns in when a game is outdated or has been won by a team. The Arena Closers are much bulkier and faster than normal tanks and can one-shot any player.

MiniMothershipProfile Mothership (Tank)

The Mothership is a tank that used to Exist in the Mothership and Sandbox Gamemode, now it only exists in the Sandbox Game Mode.

ThreeDominators Dominator

The Dominator is the only Tier 6 tank in the game, so it is special. However, it is only existant in the Domination gamemode and cannot be obtained by upgrading; instead one will have to press H to control it.

Developer-Upgrade Developer

The Developer Class is an unconfirmed Class that can only be used by the Developer Zeach himself. It can transform into basically anything and can go beyond the level cap of 45. Although it cannot be obtained in Sandbox, some of the cheats that the Developer uses are in the Sandbox Game Mode.


  • All Tier 4 tanks are 126-175 pixels wide.
  • If there were to be a seventh tank from a branch, the background color would be pink, as shown by the gamemode selection, the colored achievements list and the reversed stats colors. For an eighth, it would be tan. It is unknown what a ninth tank would be, but since the colors used by the achievements list cycle through the eight colors, it would most likely be light blue.
  • There was a running theory that the background color of the Upgrade icon corresponds to the base Stat debuff it gets, as it typically matches the color of the respective stat bar.
    • There are several issues with this:
      • If the background color were to depend on the tank’s stat debuff, there wouldn’t be color variants, as seen in the Overtrapper, Auto Gunner, Streamliner, and Battleship, for example.
      • The Stat debuffs aren’t necessarily true: For instance, the Battleship may have a dark blue background, but with its notoriously fast Drones, it certainly doesn’t get a debuff to the Bullet/Drone Speed.
        • In general, the theory can be debunked with simple Sandbox testing.
  • Most of the fully removed tanks had a light blue upgrade background. The only removed tank with a different background color was the Auto 4.
  • These stats are not changed upon upgrading to every tank (which means no buff or debuff): Health Regeneration, Movement Speed, Max Health.
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