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The Trapper is one of the four Upgrade choices from the Sniper and can be selected at Level 30. The Trapper can further upgrade to the Tri-Trapper, Mega Trapper, Overtrapper, Auto Trapper and Gunner Trapper.


The Trapper features a circular base like almost every other tank. But instead of having normal Barrels, it has a Launcher that launches Traps.


Upon upgrading:

  • It replaces the Bullets with traps.
  • Slows down the projectile speed
  • Increases the projectile Damage and Penetration


The Traps it uses initially move at a fast speed from the Launcher and travel a short distance. Then the Traps quickly decelerate to a stop and will remain where they are, dealing damage to any enemy tanks and Polygons who touch them. Traps can be destroyed with enemy Bullets or enemy Body Damage, however touching them is not recommended due to their high damage. The duration of time in which the Traps remain before they despawn, and the Traps' health, is dependent on how high the player's Bullet Penetration is. It's important to note that the Traps can be pushed around by enemy Bullets.


  • Strong Against:Tanks in the Tri-Angle branch, Body Damage based tanks, low RoF tanks.
  • Weak Against: Powerful ranged attackers, Tanks in the Sniper branch, high RoF tanks.

As the Trapper

  • The main thing to do is to be a third-party in battles. Never directly get involved or pick fights. Get close to two tanks brawling it out, and begin setting up Traps behind. That way, when a tank tries to escape, it is killed within the walls of your minefields, or since it can’t escape, the tank that was originally fighting it.
  • When fighting faster tanks, like the Booster, Tri-Angle, or Fighter: As they chase you shoot backwards at them, or begin moving in circles as to create a ring of spikes. Because Body Damage builds have a lack of Bullet Damage, should you trap or corner one, they would be forced to run through the minefield.
  • You can move through your spike Traps, enemies can’t however. Constantly move in and out to bait enemies to move forward, and begin trapping them, as the name would suggest.
  • The Trapper is not called the Trapper for its stationary spikes, it’s what you can do with those spikes that can really cause some damage. Surrounding and cornering players in spike prisons are just some of the hazards you can create.
  • Assisting in team mode is a useful strategy, as the trapper could very easily be considered a support tank. When teammates are in trouble, such as when they are under heavy fire, rush to their aid and scatter traps around them so as to block the barrage of bullets.

The Trapper can also be used to defend fellow teammates in Team Deathmatch. The Traps can provide excellent area denial, while also being able to absorb a few hits before being destroyed.


It is advised for Trapper classes to stay vigilant in Maze mode, as their traps can leave a trail that may lead to the player. The Trapper should fire at walls or stop shooting periodically to avoid being followed. This is recommended to the Trapper if they have been engaged earlier.

Against the Trapper

The Trapper's main weak point is its low Bullet Speed. So, using a Sniper tank such the Assassin branch or the Predator will increase your chances of surviving with a higher FoV. The Overseer Classes are also effective, as you can easily maneuver your Drones in between the Traps to quickly assassinate a stationary Trapper, and as the Necromancer you can send all your Drones forward to overwhelm the enemy Traps and kill them, though most of your Drones will die to do this.

High RoF tanks are effective against the trapper, since the trapper's low firerate allows your bullets to destroy the traps before new ones are spawned, and even if the traps have a lot of health, stray bullets will still seep through the gaps and will slightly damage and reset the regeneration timer of your opponent.


  • This is the first tank to place “Traps” which are a unique type of ammunition. Its all next Upgrades also use Traps as their weapon.
  • It was one of the two tanks that had a name upon official release of the July 18th update, the other being the Tri-Trapper. The Mega Trapper was named later that day.



  • The Trapper, alongside the Tank, and previously the Gunner and the Overseer have the second highest amount of Upgrades, being 5.
  • Since the Traps of the Trapper and its upgrades do not disappear instantly when they die, it makes the Trapper and its upgrades to be the only tanks that can cause kills over 5-7 seconds after they die.
  • There is a glitch. When a Trapper dies and respawns, the Traps it has put down start colliding / damaging each other as if they were on separate teams. They will also be able to damage your newly spawned tank. Moreover, they sometimes switch from their default blue color to the opposing red color, although not all of them are guaranteed to switch.
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Tier 3 Auto 3AssassinDestroyerGunnerHunterOverseer
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