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Traps are a type of ammunition which is fired from a Launcher. Traps are shaped like concave hexagons, or 3 point stars.

Picture showing the Different types and sizes of Traps


  • Traps move forward, quickly losing velocity before becoming stationary.
  • Traps last for a long time: 24 seconds for traps spawned from the Trapper, Mega Trapper, Overtrapper and Auto Trapper, though only 10 seconds for Tri-Trapper. Trap lifetimes are fixed and are not affected by any Stats.
  • Traps can be shot to move them, but only by enemy tanks (and the Launcher of the Trap for a limited amount of time).
  • If playing on 2 Teams or 4 Teams, the Trapper's traps cannot hurt people on their team.

Traps do have health, and if they take enough damage, i.e. from bullets, they will fade away and disappear.

Tanks that generate Traps

  1. Trapper: This tank uses a single Launcher.
  2. Tri-Trapper: This Upgrade gives the tank three Launchers instead of one, but with a significantly shorter lifespan.
  3. Mega Trapper: This Upgrade gives the Trapper much larger Traps, with decreased Reload time but increased damage.
  4. Gunner Trapper: This Upgrade has one Launcher on the back that shoots slightly larger Traps, and two Gunner Cannons in the front.
  5. Overtrapper: This upgrade has one launcher, and two Drone Spawners. The placement of these guns is like the Tri-Angle, with the trapper in the front, and spawners in the back. The drones are like the Hybrid in that they cannot be controlled by your mouse.
  6. Auto Trapper: This Upgrade has one Launcher and an Auto Turret.
  7. Trapper Dominator: This tank uses eight, equally spaced Launchers. It is only playable in the Domination and Sandbox game modes.
  8. Defender: This Boss tank uses three, equally spaced Launchers and three auto turrets above it.


Small Trap: They have a power of exactly two Bullets of the basic Tank. Trapper, Tri-Trapper, Auto Trapper and Overtrapper use these Traps, they have the longest lifespan, with the exception of the Tri-Trapper’s Traps which last only slightly longer than the Mega Trapper’s.

Medium Trap: The Gunner Trapper’s Traps are slightly bigger than the Trapper, Tri-Trapper, and Overtrapper’s Traps, but are smaller than the Mega Trapper’s. However, it does equal damage as a small Trap.

Mega Trap: The size of the Trap it uses is similar to the size of an Annihilator’s Bullet. They are more than twice as strong as small Traps, and they have a power of more than 5 Bullets of the basic Tank. It is rarely worthwhile to destroy these Traps, as they will often die on their own before you can fully deplete their health.


  • Unsurprisingly, all tanks that use Traps upgrade from the Trapper.
  • Only two of the six Trap users released on July 18th had names when the update first dropped: The Trapper and the Tri-Trapper. Later the same day; however, the Mega Trapper was named.
  • Originally, the Traps could bounce off the boundary wall, thus this was a very good advantage for Gunner Trapper to stay at the corner and shoot while the Traps bounce off to your front.
  • Traps resemble caltrops in a way, with sharp apexes that protrude from the centre, as well as the nature of their use.
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