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Traps are a type of ammunition which is fired from a special type of tank barrel called a Launcher. They have a concave hexagonal shape (3 point star.)

The three sizes of traps


  • Traps move forward, quickly losing velocity before becoming stationary.
  • Traps last for a long time: 24 seconds for traps spawned from the Trapper, Mega Trapper, Overtrapper and Auto Trapper, though only 10 seconds for Tri-Trapper. Trap lifetimes are fixed and are not affected by any Stats.
    • The Tri-Trapper has a significantly shorter Trap lifetime compared to other Trappers.
  • Traps can be shot to move them, but only by enemy tanks (and the Launcher of the Trap for a limited amount of time).
  • Members on the same team of a Trapper can move through its traps in team modes without taking any damage.

Traps do have a health pool and can be killed. No health bar is seen, though. Upon death, Traps fade into white, vanishing entirely.

Tanks that generate Traps

  1. Trapper: This tank uses a single Launcher.
  2. Tri-Trapper: This Upgrade gives the tank three Launchers instead of one, but with a significantly shorter lifespan.
  3. Mega Trapper: This Upgrade gives the Trapper much larger Traps, with decreased Reload time but can do so much damage.
  4. Gunner Trapper: This Upgrade has one Launcher on the back that shoots slightly larger Traps, and two Gunner Barrels in the front.
  5. Overtrapper: This upgrade has one launcher, and two Drone spawners. The placement of these guns is like the Tri-Angle, with the trapper in the front, and spawners in the back. The drones are like the Hybrid in that they cannot be controlled by mouse click.
  6. Auto Trapper: This Upgrade has one Launcher and an Auto Turret.
  7. Trapper Dominator: This tank uses eight, equally spaced Launchers.
  8. Defender: This Boss tank uses three, equally spaced Launchers and three auto turrets above him.


Small Trap: They have a power of exactly two Bullets of the basic Tank. Trapper, Tri-Trapper, Auto Trapper and Overtrapper use these Traps, they have the longest lifespan, with the exception of the Tri-Trapper’s Traps which last only slightly longer than the Mega Trapper’s.

Medium Trap: The Gunner Trapper’s Traps are slightly bigger than the Trapper, Tri-Trapper, and Overtrapper’s Traps, but are smaller than the Mega Trapper’s. However, it does equal damage as a small Trap.

Mega Trap: The size of the Trap it uses is similar to the size of an Annihilator’s Bullet. They are more than twice as strong as small Traps, and they have a power of more than 5 Bullets of the basic Tank. It is rarely worthwhile to destroy these Traps, as they will often die on their own before you can fully deplete their health.


  • Unsurprisingly, all tanks that use Traps upgrade from the Trapper.
  • Only two of the six Trap users released on July 18th had names when the update first dropped: The Trapper and the Tri-Trapper. Later the same day; however, the Mega Trapper was named.
  • Originally, the Traps could bounce off the boundary wall, thus this was a very good advantage for Gunner Trapper to stay at the corner and shoot while the Traps bounce off to your front.
  • Traps resemble caltrops in a way, with sharp apexes that protrude from the centre, as well as the nature of their use.
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