For the tank with a similar name, see Tri-Angle.
Red triangle

Size comparison to a level 1 Tank.

The Triangle is the second most common Polygon in It has only 30 HP, buttressed with 8 HP in Body Damage, thus making it a very weak target (like the Square, but is still stronger.) It grants a score of 25 EXP to the player who deals the final shot.


The Triangle’s new appearance.


  • A Level 1 Tank will need five shots to destroy a Triangle. This results in a reward of 5 EXP per hit. This is the same amount of EXP per hit as a Square, which awards 10 EXP after two hits. A Pentagon rewards 130 EXP after 21.4 hits, for a higher EXP/hit value of 5.91. But an Alpha Pentagon rewards 3,000 EXP after 1,075 hits, making the EXP/Hit value for the Alpha Pentagon about 2.8.
  • The Guardian of the Pentagons has a similar design to the Triangle, but is much larger, is coloured pink and has a Spawner.
  • When a Triangle's color is changed by the Console, it will look similar to the Green Triangle, as it is colored green after you use the Console on it.
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