Can Motherships still be saved?

In just in from A Fallen Fighter. It's been a long time since we have heard abotu the motherships. Luckily, the motherships will hopefulyl continue from FOS and MOS have gotten a child SOS. Though, what happened to the killed and kidnapped poor motherships? Rumor goes on that the new walls that nobody seem to get through are made by these motherships. The government is trying to make the motherships drones grey and merge all of them together into these walls the rumor says. If this rumor is true, this means we can rescue these kidnapped motherships and make mothership life go on. Government deny this fact and says they would never do such thing, but remember, the govenment stole the sqaures,triangles,and pentagons from Mexico and used 1 of each sample to make billions of copies. Hide your motherships people, you never know if your beign hunted.

"My family- we never did anything wrong,yet our home got stolen. My father has to work all day to get us money for our doritos. The fact the goverment might have done any of this and if they didn't, they don't bother to help makes me go in fury." ~Son of Ships

New unwanted Visitors

In the past month, a new type of tank have came in to the land of, called spike. Whoever they touch they hurt, and one even killed someone of purpose using this. Scientists research has shown that these spikes might have been caused from a smasher mutation. Even though this is what research and DNA tests show, smashers deny to this and wants to kill these spikes. 

"These spiks from OUR family? Nonsense. These DNA tests are being done wrong for sure. We look NOTHING like these spikes! These idiot scientists don't know what they're doing, spikes are a disgrace to tank society! These spikes just wanna copy our style by using body damage and no bullets- not like they are doign in right of course. We smashers are royalty, not harmful at all." ~Smash Erdos the ||||

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