Hello! It looks like you have found my strategy guide. This guide goes from the basics, like controls and how the upgrades work, to advanced high-level strategies! It is designed to quickly turn players who can’t get past 1000 points into ones who get first place in the leaderboard regularly.

For Starters:

This guide assumes that you have just started, and do not know what things do at all. If you know the controls, what polygons are, how to upgrade, etc., you can skip this.

How do you control the character?

The character moves up, down, left, and right using W, A, S, and D, like many other PC games. Aim with the mouse, and click or use the spacebar to fire. Right clicking also has a function, but we’ll get into that later.

What are the bars on the bottom?

Below your name, there are two bars. The green one shows your score, which is gained by killing other players, and polygons. The green part itself is your score compared to that of the player in first place. The yellow one shows your level. The bar will fill as you get more score, and once it is filled up, you will level up. Something special will happen once you reach level 15.

What are the bars at the top right corner?

That is the leaderboard. It shows the ten players with the highest score in the server. The green bars compare the score of the players to the first place player. If someone has 50000 points in first place, and the second has 25000, the second place player’s green bar will display as half full. If they have 10000 points, it will display as one-fifth full.

What are those shapes?

Those are polygons. Polygons are stationary objects that give you score if you kill them. Yellow squares give you 10, red triangles give 25, and blue pentagons give 130. There are also larger versions of pentagons, called alpha pentagons, which give you 3000. They spawn in the center of the arena. Near the center, there are pink triangles that will chase you. They are nuisance at higher levels, but can easily kill a low level player. In the center, you will notice that there are far more pentagons. This is the pentagon nest, a dangerous, high risk, and high reward area where you can get large amounts of points, but also die.

What are those bars in the bottom left corner?

Those are upgrades. They allow you to upgrade things, such as health regeneration, or bullet damage. Health regen increases how fast your health regenerates, max HP makes you more durable, body damage makes you deal damage upon contacting a tank, bullet speed increases the velocity of your bullets, bullet penetration allows bullets to pass through more objects, bullet damage makes bullets deal more damage, reload makes you shoot bullets more often, and finally, movement speed makes your tank faster. On the right of the bars, there is a plus sign. If that is colored, you can upgrade that stat. If it is grey, you have maxed out that stat, or you need to level up. After level 30, you get one upgrade every three levels instead of every level, and level 29 has no upgrade either.

I see pictures of tanks in the top left corner, what does that mean?

The tanks that you see there are ones that you upgrade to, and they unlock at level 15. Click on them to upgrade. You can become a Twin, which gives you a second gun, increasing reload, but decreasing damage. You can become a Machine Gun, which increases reload by a lot, but decreases accuracy. You can upgrade to Sniper, which lowers your reload, but increases your field of view. Last but not least, you can become the flank guard, which has a gun on the back as well as the front. At level 30, you get to pick another tank, and another at level 45.

Basic Tips & Tricks:

Now that you know how to play the game, let’s look at some basic tips and tricks that will help you in your goal to go on the leaderboard and take over.


You may have missed this while playing, but guns push you slightly when they fire. Use this to your advantage by pointing in the opposite direction of the way you are moving. This can work well with high reload tanks like the twin and machine gun, but others like the flank guard cancel it out. Recoil is very useful when getting out of dangerous situations, and traveling across the map, but players can follow the bullet trail you produce and find you from farther away.

The Element of Surprise:

Surprising opponents is an extremely effective strategy for killing players. A lot of the time, players can be distracted by another player, or nearby polygons. Catching them off guard allows you to get the first few hits, and gain the upper hand. If you put many points into bullet damage and penetration, you can even kill players when they are not looking.

Dealing More Damage:

Bullet damage and bullet penetration are the stats that will increase your damage the most. However, to maximize damage output, upgrade both of them rather than just one. If you do not have enough upgrade points, maxing out penetration is recommended, as it will allow you to block enemy bullets and get past them as well.

Where you are the Safest:

In what place are you the safest? The edges and corners are empty or nearly empty, while the center is crowded with level 30 and above tanks. If you are trying to escape an attacking tank, or want to farm without being attacked, go to the edges. Another bonus is that there is often more food there.

Find Off-screen Tanks:

Sometimes, it can be helpful to find off-screen tanks. It helps you run, and also find targets. To find them, look for bullets. If you see bullets going upwards from the bottom, it means that there is a tank at the bottom.

Identify Tanks:

Tanks can be identified easily in a matter of seconds. Just look at the size. If the tank is bigger, it is a higher level, and if it is smaller, it is a lower level. You can also see what type is offscreen, just look at the size of the bullets. Bigger bullets means stronger tanks. Not only that, patterns of them can further identify tanks offscreen. This is more advanced, so I will talk about this later.