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  • My occupation is Serving skynet
  • I am A non - human minimetic pollyalloy
  • Akkaviv

    July 8, 2016 by Akkaviv

    Although Zathus is Admin, and will soon be bureaucrat, the wiki is still pretty unorganzied. Also, the normal editor does not give a lot of options (only a few fonts, etc.). As you may have noticed, I am turning all the pages into templates, making them more organized, and also allowing people to use other fonts , make the text coloful, and so on. For example, the Fan Ideas Page, used to have 50 + lines of text, making it hard to edit. Now, the entire page can be accesed by typing {{Fanideas} (with one more braket) , which is a lot shorter of a way of doing it. Hopefully you like the changes :P

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  • Akkaviv

    Edit Farming

    June 30, 2016 by Akkaviv

    I appreciate the new acheivments, but there is a terrible problem: edit farms. People are now edit farming, and therefore cheating. RCD2400 has made 50 + additions to the polygons page, one word at a time:

    This is considered illeagal, and is now a big problem. Zathus, if your reading this, please put an end to this edit farming. 

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