Hey guys! Anson here! I just wanted to tell you what happened yesterday. It is basically I wanted to go to My fav place yesterday whicch is releated to tech. We were playing Badminton, it was 8:30PM. Thta plaace closes at 9, so I told my parents to rush there, but theey were like OH F***ING S***(they didn't say that but yunno), WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING YOU SAY???!!! I was like, but I just wanted to look they were still like, NO IT IS GONNA CLOSE SOON WE CAN'T GET THERE ON TIME!!! I was motherfucking pissed, First, it was in public, second, we wasted FUKCING 10 MINUTES JUST ARGUING, and...I fucking gave up, I went to the car, I motherfucking cried a little and GUESS WHAT??? THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS WERE LIKE, STP BEING AN 5 YEARS OLD BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, uh. Just motherfucking wanted to... You can guess....

Special Tanks to MLD and Joey for making me feel better.


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