Hey guys! This timeI am gonna talk about something serious. School has started for me(I am Grade 6), and I have homework, lots. And I havve a BIG Passion about the Diep Wikia. I NEVER want to abandon this wikia, never. But school has started, and.. Well even before school I got TOO passionate abbout this wikia, just by 2 mnth, I got scolded many times because I am going to here when I am not supposed to/Going here when I am doing homework, etc. etc. And Now I WON'T Abandon this wikia. And I don't want to get scolded anymore. So I have a new schedule:

  • Weekdays I am gonna be inactive. (Sometimes I will answer stuff)
  • Weekends don't expect me but I will be semi-active.
  • Holidays I am 90% sure that I am going to be active.
  • (But if I am inactive in Holidays/Weekends, please understand if I am going to vacation or something)

Thank you for understanding, and no, I AM NOT GONNA END UP LIKE URSUUL.

--- A Message From Anson

Also comment below please so I know your opinion.

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