Hey guys. Anson here. You see I have been realizing there is a lot of drama going on. I just want to clarify something.



Here are all the notes of people in drama right now.

To SFU: I know you are trying to tell the "truth" to Zathus and all of us. Though the thing is that keep arguing makes you look like a winer. Instead, Ask your friends for help. You still got 2, Queen Aysha and me. And I am not on your side. I just wish to help spread the word if your "truth" is true.

To Zathus: Zathus. Keep being a great bureaucrat. You been working so hard. (I can tell) You might not be the most active Admin ever, but I completely understand that you got stuff to do. You should be proud of yourself.

To Ursuul: SM told me the truth, in fact. In chat PM before Zathus wrote the thread "No More Games". And I was dumb, thinking you were a coward for doing the resignation and staff purge. And of course I didn't show it, cause you were my friend. Then 1 day after, SM told me the truth. That was a 1 month ago. Now Zathus knows the truth. 

To SM: I feel really bad for you for getting a fake ban to attract "You Know Who" lol.

To Zombie: Sorry that you have to leave. I understand your physical connections are screwed up. But, life is life. Gotta deal with it. 

To everybody: Thanks for reading this and understanding this. Signing off.

Your Best Friend Anson. 16:54, November 26, 2016 (UTC)

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