I’ve got some great news — this week is a mostly positive one! (Except for the lack of game updates -_-) I’m sure you've all been waiting for the day where we can actually have quite a few good things to talk about! So without further ado, here it is:

Wiki Event News

Easter Egg Hunt

First Clue

“All players big & small, start from this tank before they fall.”

More Info

Starting Monday, before Easter, an Easter Egg Hunt will begin on the Wiki. There will be twenty “Eggs” strewn throughout the Wiki, tied to certain paragraphs of text. Hovering over these paragraphs will cause the Egg to appear, along with a riddle or clue pointing to the next Egg, but there’s a catch; Eggs will only show up if you’ve discovered the one before it, so you will have to find them in order.[1]

As this is a competition after all, the first person to find all twenty Eggs will win a Reward. People who find all 20 after the first person will be announced in a list of winners, but only the first person to find them all is guaranteed a Reward. The rest will only receive Rewards if they number no more than five, so don’t share the answers!

Anyone except for Admins or accounts younger than one week can participate, & the winner is decided via a google form.[2] The twentieth Egg contains a password which the winner shall submit along with their Wiki Username. The first person to submit their Username along with the correct password wins the Easter Egg Hunt! The Hunt Ends on April 16th, Easter Day, at 11:59 PM EST.[3]


The next Sandbox will be on Saturday, April 8th from 3 PM EST to 4 PM EST, followed by an hourlong gaming session. We hope that many people will attend tomorrow!

New Vietnamese Wiki

A Vietnamese Wiki has been recently created. It appears they are using bots to translate our pages into Vietnamese, so we will need to work fast to make sure the Interlanguage Links are set up! They already have almost 50 pages, so time is against us.

Tank Building Contest

Captain Hayden and Banarama are hosting a third tank building contest. They have been inspired by the Spanish Diep Wiki because of their triumphant tourney, & so they will be starting another today!

Tank Building Contest Blog

Main Page Reorganization

The Main Page has received an overarching reorganization and consolidation into a more aesthetically pleasing and realistically useful layout thanks to the efforts of Ursuul with notable help from Banarama. This project has been in development for many weeks, and today it has been officially wrapped up — come see!

The Main Page

Changelog News

Dead End

Unfortunately, has not received any updates in the past week. Updates have been spiraling downward for some time, & it appears that they have at last stopped completely. The News Team will continue to search for updates to cover, but until then, the Changelog News Tab will be closing, to be restored with the next update.

Wiki Policy News

Update Release Changes

Updates will now be released on Mondays instead of Fridays.

News Team Vacuum

With some users resigning, & others being promoted to Admin, there is only one standalone Member left; Underslime. More News Team Members are needed to fill the gap, or we may be forced to release updates every other week instead of every week. As the News Team Captain slot will soon be vacant, applications to join should be directed to the Petitions Board, or to Ursuul directly.

Standardized Staff Colors

In an effort to clarify who’s who for regular users, all Staff colors seen by non-Staff have been standarized according to their rank. A table explaining that follows.

Rank Translation Color
Senior Administrator (Active Bureaucrat) Ursuul (#FFF)
Junior Administrator (Admin) Banarama (#0FF)
Senior Moderator (Content Mod) Nobellion (#F00)
Junior Moderator (Discussion Mod) Smgamermat77 (#0F0)
Sentinel (Rollback + Chat Mod) QUEEN AYSHA (#FF0)
Intern (Rollback &/or Chat Mod) Username (#CE9D5C)
News Team (Users in the News Team) Underslime (#FA8072)
Honorary Bureaucrat (Retired Bureaucrat) MrMewshmallow (#000)
Former Staff (Users recorded here) Tonn Lenk (#70B8FF)


After last week’s turmoil, this week has no demotions — a pleasant surprise!


  1. Smgamermat77 — promoted to Senior Moderator (Content Mod) for excellent performance in article patrolling & editing. Additionally, she is scheduled to take up the Editor of the Month title on April 10th, when Nobellion steps down.
  2. Nobellion — scheduled for promotion to Admin on April 10th for exceptional technical skill. As part of becoming an Admin, he will be demoted from the News Team Captain position, leaving it vacant.

Tech News

FANDOM-wide Rail Module Update

FANDOM has announced that they will be replacing the Rail Modules with a more standardized design. You can read more & give feedback on it in that thread, but for the moment this means that our Modules may become much more plain. It may also portend the removal of custom Rail Modules, such as the DiscordIntegrator & Weekly Updates Module. Admins plan to remove the CSS related to the Rail once it is updated, but more will be applied later both to make it look better & possibly to mimic the old look. The News Team will keep you posted.

View the CC Thread

System Messages Updates

Several system messages were changed. Among them include the Talk Page notification, & the text displayed on deleted pages. You can see it by visiting the Test page.

Builds Page Overhaul

With a host of dedicated and clever contributors, the Builds page has been completely cleaned up and reorganized into a neater format, and a companion tool is in the works. The massively successful project owes itself to impetus and continued support from Banarama, utterly restless implementation by Nobellion, initial work by Transforming Eevee, a good deal of general help by Ursuul, and other assorted assistance. Come check out the new & improved page!

Builds Page

Future Plans

Mobile App

Still no word, but on the 16th of April it will have been one full month since the App was promised. It will not likely be much longer after that before our App is finished.

User-Groups Pages

No User-Group pages were finished this week, nor was the promised page about Powerusers. User-Groups pages are very much a secondary project, so it is to be expected.

The statuses of the remaining User-Groups are displayed below:

Local Groups
  1. UsersXMark Not Done
  2. Autoconfirmed usersCheck Done
  3. Code AdministratorsCheck Done
  4. SentinelsCheck Done
  5. ModeratorsCheck Done
  6. Community AdministratorsCheck Done
  7. AdministratorsCheck Done
  8. BureaucratsCheck Done
  9. BotsCheck Done
Global Groups
  1. CouncilorsCheck Done
  2. GDMCheck Done

On Hold Plans

  1. Oasis Theme Overhaul
  2. Monobook Expansion
  3. Franken Forum Board Rules
  4. Community-To-Do-List Overhaul

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Wiki Event News Polls
Are you excited for the Easter Egg Hunt?

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Do you plan to help out with the Vietnamese Interlanguage Links?

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Do you plan to participate in the Tank Building Contest?

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Do you like the new standard staff colors?

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How do you feel about Smgamermat77’s promotion to Content Mod?

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Do you agree with Nobellion’s promotion to Administrator?

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Do you like the way the Main Page looks?

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Should User-Group Pages be abandoned?

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  1. The first Egg can be found by anyone.
  2. Spamming password guesses or nonsensical responses will disqualify you from the competition. Each user may only respond once.
  3. The Senior Administrator reserves the right to deny the winners their Rewards if foul play appears to be evident. There are no rules, but shamelessly attempting to take advantage of the simple nature of this game will result in forfeiture of all winnings.