Let's face it: our wiki still hasn't returned to its October levels of activity. However, I have a plan to change this. There are three prongs to my plan, for three key points in the cycle of readers, editors, and content. Here's hoping they can help restore the wiki and make it stronger than ever.

1. New Readers

We need to attract more readers. Now, this isn't hard! In fact, I've decided on an extremely simple course of action: Reddit. Users could encourage readership on Reddit, while we ask the mods to change the wiki link on the sidebar to our wiki. And that's it! It's the simplest way to make a noticeable difference, along with the other points on this blog.

2. Returning Readers

We can't let them lose interest after one article, however. We need to show them our content! This, in fact, can largely be accomplished through expanding and highlighting General Strategies and Builds — these pages have been overlooked and shunned, but they hold great opportunity! We can also give our new blogs more attention — many are high-quality and interesting.


This is by far the hardest item, but also the most important as it ties into everything else here. There are lots to do, but the average users either doesn't see it or doesn't care. Here, we can learn from our younger self and the DCoW. From our younger days, we know that readers will only start to edit if it's obvious. From the DCoW, we learn that readers will only start to edit if it's also engaging and easy. But how can we accomplish these here? Well, there are a few methods. Our typical projects won't help here, as they're mainly oriented to existing editors and pros. However, what will help isn't difficult either.

First, we need to give Builds the attention it deserves! Anyone can contribute to it, and it's a treasure trove of information, but you wouldn't see its importance from a gander at the page or its "prominence" on the main page. I propose that we beautify it and give it greater attention on the main page. It's been proven to work — check out Battle Decks on the Clash Royale Wikia. Builds are fun and simple, but can be useful! Let's start loving them!

Next up are game updates. These are great! The Wiki booms whenever one happens, so let's take advantage of that. feature it on the main page, and encourage adding info about it! When Zeach opens a vacuum in our info, we should use it to draw in activity. Promoting addition of new content is only natural — it's time we do it to the max.

Finally, we need fun. Although our wiki has largely shunned fun and games as being unimportant, it's critical to a healthy community. These activities help keep up the morale when updates are running low, and they give editors a reason to keep coming back. So let's stop thinking of tank building contests and amusement as unrelated to our content, but as the tasty butter on our bread of articles. We should promote, not ignore these events. A little recreation always helps — let's keep that in mind.

With all these paragraphs, I sure hope I've made the path to recovery clear. It wasn't easy writing this, but my wish is that it makes rebuilding much easier. With this blog, it's obvious that a bright future isn't far off. Together, we can Make the Wiki Great Again!™