This wiki has been relatively quiet because of the absence of our Supreme Overlord Ursuul, but there’s still plenty to talk about. Check it all out below!

Wiki Event News

New Font Poll

As part of an ongoing effort in the last few months to spruce up our wiki and make it look less like a copy-pasted FANDOM theme template, we are now holding a poll to change the body font (the font that will appear in text throughout articles, Chat, blogs, and just about everywhere) to something different. Vote now!

Choose our Next Font!

New Header Background Contest

As more than a few of you have noticed, the new header by FANDOM (the big block of navy blue at the top) has released. Currently, it looks rather… bland, so we’re sprucing it up with an image background! Go check out the relevant threads to find out everything you need to know, make a new design, and/or vote for the next header background!

Contest Info

Submissions Thread (Vote Here!)

Wiki Policy News

News Team Dissolvement (Weekly Updates will continue as normal)

Due to the continued failure of the News Team to contribute much to the Weekly Updates, and the recent coup de grâce of its last official members[1] resigning or going inactive, the Administration has decided to dissolve the News Team as an independent organisation. Do not fear, however — your Weekly Updates will continue as always, and they may very well be even higher in quality, as all Staff will now be able to work on the News! Hopefully, this change is less of a death blow to the Weekly Updates, but a renewal of it into a streamlined and efficient structure.


  1. Underslime — busy for a month or so
  2. Captain Hayden — will be semi-inactive for a while

Tech News

New (Glorious) Headers Code Cleanup

As many of you are already aware, the header (aka the Navigation Bar) at the top has been revamped so it has a more “modern” design, with the elegant simplicity and style of an elongated equiangular quadrilateral. The slick, colorful header graphic (the breathtakingly stunning crowd of waving people at the top right here) will be covered in Wiki Events, but for now here is a list of the scripts that had to be delicately and ingeniously altered or killed due to the shockwaves from the all-knowing and benevolent FANDOM™’s great Rectangle Header 2017™, presented for the convenience of any curious followers inquiring as to the graceful minutia and technical masterpieces of FANDOM™’s awe-inspiring and unequivocally flawless header design.

  • Button.css uninstalled until it can be rewritten.
  • Several cuts to CSS to fix early bugs of Headers.
  • AutoEditDropdown killed by Dev, AnonButtons & Interlang Flags uninstalled as they were either illegal or superfluous.
  • Discussions Links removed from TopNav as it’s blatantly unnecessary.

In Lesser News

Wiki Event News Polls
Will you participate in the Header Background Contest?

The poll was created at 06:58 on January 30, 2018, and so far 0 people voted.
Wiki Policy News Polls
Are you disappointed about the News Team dying?

The poll was created at 06:58 on January 30, 2018, and so far 0 people voted.

How do you feel about the recent slew of hiatuses?

The poll was created at 06:58 on January 30, 2018, and so far 0 people voted.
Tech News Polls
Do you like the new Headers?

The poll was created at 04:29 on June 19, 2017, and so far 8 people voted.

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  1. Members other than administrators of the wiki, who can write the news at any time because of their central role.