Well… it’s time I think. I’ll be going on a hiatus from 5 Jan 2017 to 5 Feb 2017, to focus on IRL commitments and reduce my stress. I am not quitting, but I won’t respond to messages frequently and may only edit a couple times a day or less. More info is outlined below.


I have 2 main reasons for doing this. One is that, as I’ve already stated, there are more commitments coming up and I need to prepare. School, studying for midterms, family, etc. — I just don’t have the time to crank out 100s of edits a day. It’s just not worthwhile. I love this community, but stuff in real life is still far more important. It’s time for a personal refocusing. The second reason is, THIDS IS TOOLM UCH STRESZ!!!! Well, not that much. But it is tiring being an admin. I’m not quitting at all, but I will be taking a break to clear out my obsession with this button pressing and contained raging — I give more that I get back from working my bum off here, so much I can’t even write a proper speech like I used to — see how short this is? I need to take a break and relax from this. I hope the community does fine without me (I’m sure not too many will miss me) although I am uncertain about the need for a new admin in lieu of me. More on that in the next section.

Preparation and Formalities

While I’m gone, there will clearly need to be another admin. There are no very clear candidates, but if I had to pick one it would probably have to be Captain Hayden — he is rather patient, mature, and was chill even through the darker times when one had no idea what they would wake up to on the wiki. I would like the On Hiatus tag (why am I saying this I’ll add it myself) to be added to my profile. And finally… see you all later. It’s been great, and there will be more good times in the future. Bye.

P.S. No, I'm not Canadaian.

P.P.S. Unless I live in Bob.

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