*The Merge is ending, not the wiki.*

The end is in sight, and post-Merge plans are being fleshed out — get ready!

Merge News

Category Cleanup mostly done — Now We Wait

Thanks to Utkar22, most of the DCoW Categories have been cleaned up. This means, since the actual reorganization can happen after the merge, that we have done almost everything we can to tidy up the Merge. As soon as FANDOM Staff complete the File Transfer, it will take only a couple hours to import all pages, & then the merge is complete. DCoW can close, Medals can be attributed, categories reorganized, main page & TopNav updated, Wiki life moving on like normal.

Wiki Policy News


It has been decided that personal Navboxes will be allowed after the merge, & not only that, all Navboxes will be given a mandatory upgrade by Administrators so that they have an aesthetically appealing, standardized look, while still allowing users to display their content in any way they see fit. Read more in Tech News.


Tech News

Mercury on Blogs

The Mercury skin has been updated by FANDOM developers to now work on the Blog Namespace. In accordance with this change, all Weekly Updates have been made Portable for our Mobile readers.

New Lua Navboxes

{{Navbox}} can now be used to generate Navboxes of varying types. Due to the lack of uniformity in DCoW Navboxes, it has been created so that Administrators can standardize the overall theme of Navboxes while still allowing normal users to display all of their pages and possibly even to change the accent colors. Use of this Template is most likely to be mandatory in order to ensure that all Navboxes are both aesthetically pleasing and adhering to the theme of the overall Wiki.

Until then, we encourage everyone to test it out and see all of the different kinds of Navboxes you can produce with it; the realm of possibilities is really quite broad, seeing as you can create an infinite number of rows and headings without needing to code raw tables, so anyone can use them after they get used to it. An example markup of DiepmonBossNav, done with the only a small amount of styling, can be seen here. Imagine what can be made with serious coding eh?

CSS Centralization (Pending)

Once Ursuul gets back from vacation, CSS in Common.css and Monobook.css will be centralized in Wikia.css. This is both to make coding easier and to open more CSS import options. The centralization itself is a technical undertaking that shouldn’t take too long once it is begun, and there will be no practical change visible to most users (at least, not immediately).

Main Page Tweaks

The bug affecting all main pages sitewide has been patched by FANDOM, and we have adjusted our CSS to make sure everything fits normally again.

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How do you feel about getting upgraded Navboxes?

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Do you agree with Tacocat’s promotion?

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Tech News Polls
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