aka oreoleoreo (birth date is real)

  • I live in a house
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is making good use of grass knuckles
  • I am hot pink mailbox with black flame stripes
  • BeniTehCobCannon

    well, now that zathus and ursuul are gone, and this wiki is descending into fucking hell faster than ever, I decide that it s time to say my closing statement.

    fuck you all.

    now, this is not all of you, but MOST of you. honesty some users on this wki make me want to rip my hair out. this is a hellhole stuffed to the brim of terrible sentences, horrible grammar, terrifying users etc. 

    now, I do realize there's a new update. This still does not change my view on I feel there is no need to add anything to this wiki. That being said, I am moving on. you can find me, perhaps on the Battle Cats wiki, the Conception wiki (reason being: refer to zathus's resignation) and SU wiki. I feel those wikis have a purpouse.

    anyways, I don't kn…

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