• Captain Hayden

    Hello ! Before we get into the news, I would like to personally congratulate everyone who has stepped up to the plate and been eager to join the news team! You have all done an outstanding job of covering all of the new from the Changelogs to Under the Hood. I remember back in the old days when it was just Ursuul doing the updates but now we are DEFINITELY heading in the right direction.

    If you would like to personally join the news team, please contact . He will give you all of the information you will need to get you started. Anyways there is a TON of news to cover, including a new leader, chat bridge and more!! So dig in folks!

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  • Captain Hayden
    Note: this is a rewrite of this blog.

    Avoid bringing your own opinions into an article. Adding factual information is a vital key to success when it comes to editing and formatting articles.

    When the way you view something is changed by your opinions or experiences, you are biased. Bias makes an article much less genuine, and often misinforms the reader. Don't say something is bad in an article just because you don't like it. Instead, look at it from an objective point, assessing the true mechanics and bare bones statistics rather than relying on opinionated information.

    Example: You have trouble fighting the Booster, so you write in its article that it is the most overpowered tank in the entire game.

    The Visual Editor (VE) is the default way …

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  • Captain Hayden


    February 1, 2018 by Captain Hayden

    Leadership is a word that will always be debated. Many people will support and other people will hate a leader for the first time but, after seeing the actions they do, one can determine what a true leader is. Going forward, I feel that leadership on this wiki is struggling to stay afloat. Of course we have an amazing collection of staff (myself being a privileged member of it) but, I feel the most important area of staff has recently gone neglected for many months now: the Bureaucrats. 

    As you all know, we have to main Bureaucrats, Ursuul and Zathsu, who have both commited their heart and soul to this wiki. Ursuul is a God here. He is so involved and leads in one of the most unique ways, often letting community input decide changes. With n…

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  • Captain Hayden

    New Diep Discord

    October 1, 2017 by Captain Hayden


    Not many of you may know me but my name is Captain Hayden. I've been on the wiki for quite some time now and have seen nearly all of the eras it has been through. With a decline in updates however, I thought originally that this wiki would fade into blackness but instead, a new era has risen. With the combiniation of the conception wiki with their fresh ideas as well as the official game community, I thought what would be a good way to connect these two worlds and form one giant group of friends and fans? The answer was simple: Create a Discord.

    No, this Discord will not be like the old one. My plans are much bigger for this Discord. In the future, I plan on hosting live events. Live events such as gaming sessions, trivia, etc. Unlike…

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  • Captain Hayden

    Well I felt like writing today so whether you like it or not, here I go...

    Today I will be describing and voicing my opinions on Booster. I might do a few more of these if you guys like it or I feel compelled to write again. 

    Imagine, you've just entered an FFA match. There are pentagons a plenty and squares galore around you. Everything seems calm and quiet... Too quiet. You get some levels and upgrade your stats and all of a sudden BOOM! A tank comes out of nowhere in a blurr killing you. After awhile pondering what happened, you realized it was one of the fastest tanks in the game Booster.

    When upgrading to the Tri Angle branch, it seems as if you've turned into a fighter jet. As you rocket around the Diep arena, making big swoops and dive…

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