Captain Hayden

aka Captain Oreo

  • I live in On the streets
  • My occupation is Just to kinda chill out and see where life will take me.
  • I am Male
  • Captain Hayden
    • Razor Factory
    • Auto Incorporated
    • Twin/Triplet Terror
    • Overwatcher
    • Factory MK II

    (All stem from factory)

    • Mechanical Mayhem (Includes Diep Inc.)
    • (Includes obstacles such as barbed wire which hurts tanks, fences, gear spawners etc)

    New Boss (Factorio)

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  • Captain Hayden

    Well I felt like writing today so whether you like it or not, here I go...

    Today I will be describing and voicing my opinions on Booster. I might do a few more of these if you guys like it or I feel compelled to write again. 

    Imagine, you've just entered an FFA match. There are pentagons a plenty and squares galore around you. Everything seems calm and quiet... Too quiet. You get some levels and upgrade your stats and all of a sudden BOOM! A tank comes out of nowhere in a blurr killing you. After awhile pondering what happened, you realized it was one of the fastest tanks in the game Booster.

    When upgrading to the Tri Angle branch, it seems as if you've turned into a fighter jet. As you rocket around the Diep arena, making big swoops and dive…

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  • Captain Hayden


    May 2, 2017 by Captain Hayden

    So kick back, relax and enjoy your stay here at the Gaming Paradise right here on the Wiki.

    Name Creator Description
    My Turnip FlippyCatFan Steal the turnip from the last user!
    Ban The User Below You FlippyCatFan Ban the last person to comment!
    KAPITC FlippyCatFan Kill a person in the comments!
    Complete the Alphabet
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  • Captain Hayden

    Where I was at

    April 21, 2017 by Captain Hayden

    So yes I know I haven't written a Captain's Opinion for awhile but, it was for good reason this time. This past week, I was mainly innactive due to the fact that I went on many road trips to 3 different colleges to hopefully find the right fit for me in the future. I got a better idea over this past week not only what I'd like to study but, what Universities I'd like to go to or not go to. 

    Due to these trips becoming ever so frequent, if I leave for an extended period of time, especially during the summer, you'll know why. Also speaking of summer, my edit count (Even though it's still extremely low right now) will drop to slim to none due to the fact that I'll have competetive swimming at 5 in the morning and my job later on during the day…

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  • Captain Hayden

    The Panzer is a boss tank that will never be implemented in game as a tank for many various reasons but would be a perfect fit for a boss tank. It has 2 rear cannons that offer some recoil for faster propulsion and a large front turret. The front turret (with small laser sight) in the current tank code is designed to stay entirely still but if ever added to the game, the front turret would spin independently from the body as a tank would in real life. The front gun itself would fire rounds with high penetration and high damage but with a slow reload to balance it out. The rear cannons on the other hand, would only do a little bit of damage (similar to Booster) but provide a ton of propulsion. If you were wondering how I made this, this ent…

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