Today, I have just received word that we have 2 other Diep wikis in need of our help!!!! The Heads of the Spanish Diep Wiki and the Taiwanese Diep wiki are eager for volunteers to come help to create articles and to eventually catchup with all of the information and pages we have. They are looking for editors who can speak and write the language because google translate is not all that accurate and can lead to several communication and grammatical errors that could lead to the downfall of a wiki. So please please PLEASE go to those wikis and start adding the last few pages and bits of information to make their wikis complete and full like ours.

Remember to be a good editor on those wikis you must:

  1. At least know how to speak and write the language in question, whether Taiwanese or Spanish
  2. Remember to include as much useful information as possible about each subject, just like on this wiki
  3. Notify one of the admins (Whether it's me , SR or Ursuul ) about the creation of the page and information so we can link it to the proper page and test it out

Again this would be greatly appreciated as we step forward to a new era of international cooperation Also please look below in the language section as those are the links to the Taiwanese and Spanish wikis.(Note, after clicking on links, please go to the homepage by clicking the wordmark to get started!!!)

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Cap'n Hayden (talk) 17:42, February 5, 2017 (UTC)

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