So I originally was planning on writing another Captain's Opinion Blog: Battleship but, recent wiki events have happened that have made me feel ashamed about not only my friends but bringing them to this wiki and messing with it. So these past few days, a few of my friends decided it would be funny if they would join this wiki and start spamming my wall. I was able to fend off those attacks. That is until today, where two of my friends ganged up on me. I banned one of them but I accidentally banned their IP address and since I was at the same school using the same wifi as them, I blocked myself. So I sat and hopelessly watched as another one of my friends posted a picture of my face with male genitalia and a unibrow on it. They also repeatedly posted things about how that was my alternate account and I was trying to sabotage the wiki.

Eventually I reached an agreement with the guy and he left me alone but it made me super mad and embarrassed because this is my only place of escape from everywhere else full of nice, generous people who support each other. Then they showed up with no good intentions and have to ruin everything for me. So that's why you should never have friends (Lol jk have friends. Just tell them to stop messing with your crap).

So I want to set things straight. I do not have any alternate accounts and I will not create them. I seriously was helpless and didn't know what to do. 

Again, I'm really sorry for any harm that my friends caused to the community in anyway and I pray that this won't happen again Cap'n Hayden (talk) 01:08, April 1, 2017 (UTC)

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