It has come to my attention that there has recently been some community drama, causing a slight rift and the beginning to the end of this wiki. Now I'm sure that I want this community to stay together because I love all of you guys but, that means that a few things need to start happening:

  1. WE JUST HAD AN UPDATE PEOPLE!!! And we need everything from screenshots, to information about each achievement to putting how to earn the achievement on each tank page (Example: Put a sniper achievement on the sniper page). More achievements are rolling in everyday so we need them implemented pronto!!! (Make sure to check Community Corner about the different editors to use)
  2. Cleanup, Cleanup everybody do your share. That's right we have a lot of articles that need to be cleaned up. If you see any article with this
HowDoIReachTheseKids This page needs some cleanup. Refer to the Style Guide for more details. Make this article spotless or the Fallen Booster will give you an F!  
template or this
This page is a Stub. Please help us expand it so it can become a fully-built tank!
template, please edit and add information to them IMMEDIATELY!!
  1. I see you experts out there. So please, add strategies to every page to help out those new players who are just learning how to play or those who are very inexperienced with that tank or game mode.
  2. Grammar guys. Yes check articles for proper grammar. This is how a wiki looks professional!
  3. Going off of adding strategies, add builds! We always love to see new builds so see the builds page for more details!

See? Look at that agenda! If we all work together, we can launch this wiki into new heights instead of fearing for an end. Community, let's band together and start editing to help us regain control and protect our future!!