Well I felt like writing today so whether you like it or not, here I go...

Today I will be describing and voicing my opinions on Booster. I might do a few more of these if you guys like it or I feel compelled to write again. 

Scenario Time!

Imagine, you've just entered an FFA match. There are pentagons a plenty and squares galore around you. Everything seems calm and quiet... Too quiet. You get some levels and upgrade your stats and all of a sudden BOOM! A tank comes out of nowhere in a blurr killing you. After awhile pondering what happened, you realized it was one of the fastest tanks in the game Booster.

When upgrading to the Tri Angle branch, it seems as if you've turned into a fighter jet. As you rocket around the Diep arena, making big swoops and dives into your competition. Of course once you reach level 45, there are two choices: Fighter and Booster. Today will only be Booster discussion so you've selected that tank.

Although you may think that adding two more cannons to the back will increase your speed tremendously, you realize that this tank is actually slower than its Tri Angle counterpart. But don't fret because Booster does have a few extra tricks up its sleeve that make it better and more versatile. The front cannon does provide some knockback, perfect for pushing enemies into a corner in Maze. Also with the extra cannons on the rear, this allows for a better change in direction making getting out of a pinch that much easier.

This is why the Booster dominated the leaderboards when it was first introduced. Its high speed made it perfect for body damage dive bomb attacks but now, players have figured out great counters to this tactic. That's why the perfect way to surprise your enemies is adding regular damage and bullet penetration. This way you can get close to your target with more protection and can ultimately take them by surprise.

However if you're not skilled at using this tank (like me), this tank is amazing especially when you play Danger Zone in the background as you make your swoops and dives all across the arena.

To sum things up...

Booster is an overall interesting tank. It has to be one of the most popular tanks and an icon of the Diep world. However it can be tricky to master, even for newer players. It takes a lot of skill and luck to be successful but once you have all of the right moves down, you can be nearly unstoppable. And also, it's basically a fighter jet so it's pretty cool in my book