Are you tired of editing articles all day? Do you just want to blow off some steam for a couple hours? Well, do we have the thing for you. Here, we have a Boatload of games to choose from. From now on, each new game will be created in a blog post by each user, to give full credit for the brainchild of each new game. Not only that, but the best games will be placed on a huge list below, allowing for much easier access than scrolling through forums looking for that one thread you've always loved. In addition, they can now be organized! Say goodbye for plowing through long pages for that new Turnip thread — we will categorize it ASAP and put it right here!

So kick back, relax and enjoy your stay here at the Gaming Paradise right here on the Wiki.

Name Creator Description
My Turnip FlippyCatFan Steal the turnip from the last user!
Ban The User Below You FlippyCatFan Ban the last person to comment!
KAPITC FlippyCatFan Kill a person in the comments!
Complete the Alphabet Reply with the following letter until the alphabet is complete.

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