I regretfully say that I'm going to resign. I've seen that my inactivity has become too much of a problem and I'm not really the best editor here. I feel that other users have many more things to bring to the table. Let's face it I'm terrible with coding, I never get the opportunity to edit because I'm always busy and I've seemed to have lost my passion as I did on the TankiOnline wiki. You know I feel that there are other certain users who will be able to fill my postition and make this wiki a better and greater place (*Cough *Cough Nobellion). I'd highly recommend to make Nobellion an admin. As for me? Well I wouldn't mind if I either got demoted to Junior Moderator or just taken off the staff entirely. I feel like almost an anchor and a bit of a failure for not offering more support to this wiki but I see this wiki's future and it doesn't say "Captain Hayden - Administrator"

That being said, I'd love to help organize my own tournies or what not or continue to link the other language wikis to ours to help us maintain an international nexus but, I think someone else needs to be a leader who is much better at descision making. So you can do whatever you want with me, if you want to demote me to a lower staff position, make me a regular editor or even make me like a special language diplomat or something but I don't think that I satisfy the needs that this community deserves. So like I said above, I humbly resign. Thank you for all of your help and support but I feel this is the best descision we can make in order for the community to move forward.

This is Captain Hayden, signing off from his administrative position.