Finally the first edition of the Captain's Blog comes out today!! Here is my review on the mobile version of (based on my first ever run) because I really wanted to help out with giving more insight to a page with little to no information.

The Controls

"This run is going to be simple" I said to myself before starting TDM (Or 2 teams on the web version) but, I was sorely mistaken. The controls are an absolute train wreck and you simply need to be a superhuman in order to master them. There is a joystick on the left that controls your movement and a joystick on the right which controls the direction your turret faces and fires. This is a pain in the rear because in order to keep firing, you have to hold the right joystick in that direction (I'm lazy ok?). I think autofire should really be considered. And predator's zoom feature? Well it's an extra button in the bottom right corner. I thought this wasn't a bad idea because if you pressed it once, it stayed zoomed. I think this is actually better than the web version where you have to press and hold the right mb.

Leveling Up

Leveling up seemed to be easier than I thought. There must be less exp. between levels because I was motoring through them. By the time I got to level 45, I had 22.7k exp, showing that the level cap here is smaller than on the web version. Also, it seemed easier to hit and kill shapes, especially triangles. I remeber in the web version struggling to kill triangles with Hunter, even with max penetration but, it doesn't seem to be a problem on the web version. (Note do NOT try killing tanks to level up. It is nearly impossible since the right joystick is hard to control.

Actual Game Mechanics

There are MANY bugs that need to be fixed and updates that need to be applied. First, Predator and X Hunter are seperate (I chose Predator for my run because I wanted to test the zoom feature). Then I was killing a Stalker but he kept getting away. When he stopped moving, he instantly disappeard instead of the few seconds like in the web version that it takes to vanish. Even when he was invisible, I could still see his nametag when I zoomed (I don't know if that is just a Predator zoom cam bug or a Stalker bug. Will have to investigate). There were MANY tanks missing too including the entire Smasher branch. Also when you die, there is no death screen or information. It just takes you back to the main menu.

Final Thoughts

Overall the mobile version has many cons but there are still some upsides that should be added to the web game.

  • Predator's one click zoom feature
  • Mothership Game mode should be added back

That being said, this version has seemed to have been neglected by the developers. I don't know if it just that they are focusing on the web version more or they just don't have the money to develope but, something needs to happen because before you know it, Diep will slip from exsistence.

  • This is my first ever run through the game. I will be making more posts like this soon*

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