So yes I know I haven't written a Captain's Opinion for awhile but, it was for good reason this time. This past week, I was mainly innactive due to the fact that I went on many road trips to 3 different colleges to hopefully find the right fit for me in the future. I got a better idea over this past week not only what I'd like to study but, what Universities I'd like to go to or not go to. 

Due to these trips becoming ever so frequent, if I leave for an extended period of time, especially during the summer, you'll know why. Also speaking of summer, my edit count (Even though it's still extremely low right now) will drop to slim to none due to the fact that I'll have competetive swimming at 5 in the morning and my job later on during the day, a 3000 word essay to type over the summer, service projects, a rec swim team and some other small social events that I'd love to enjoy with my friends as it is my last year before I go to college.

I won't leave this awesome place or you guys because you guys are almost like a family, a squad per say and it's a community I really love to hang around and such. 

Please if you have any questions about the colleges I visited or whatever else, please comment below.



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