Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. -Bill Gates some random day


A large ranger the size of a mothership, and with a giant bill gates face on it. 


It's a boss with 14016 health.


 It just fires at the nearest player with full bullet penetration, full bullet damge, full reload, and full bullet speed ranger bullets. Also occaisonally has a circle above it's head representing a chat bubble, with the words "Madness? THIS IS MICROSOFT!", then bill gates fires an Arena Closer bullet at nearest player. This music plays the whole time he is alive. Also every once in a while he 'says' "ERROR 404" and summons 5 factory minions each named "404". They have all bullet related stats max and will go for you. Also shoots out green rectangular bullets with a $ in the middle which are supposed to represent money.


  • Semi-inspired from the Trapper God .
  • Probably my most ludicrous boss yet.
  • Hail memes.

Image of boss texture imagine this face on a ranger the size of a mothership.

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