OK, SINCE YOU APPARENTLY ARE READING THIS, um...yeah. You may be disturbed by the things you read here btw. Are you sure you dare to read this?

I don't know what's wrong with me. I have COMPLETELY different personalities, and they can switch completely randomly INSTANTLY. All the time, I have a completely emotionless look on my face like I'm a robot, heck, my mom thought I looked zombie-like when I was sick. Also, I actually LIKE violence (when someone deserves it). Makes it feel like life's worth living, honestly. I can be absolutely MERCILESS. I put hand sanitizer all over my cat and scared it for fun, beyond the point my cat was miserable and shivering. Also I am VERY insecure, changing my IGNs all the frickin time. Also I'm social awkward, and can be EXTREMELY hyper, and mischeivious. That's all for now...

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