Dancer: Dancer Class. only earn enough points to level up Speed to your liking. Dodge and weave around without firing at anything. Headed towards the center to get the Crashers to follow you, resulting in a beautiful trail. Machine Gun class can be used to make bullet designs.

Drone: Drone Class. Drones are contractually obligated to Team with any version of an Overseer. A Drone may not attack an Overseer, unless they have already teamed with one, and their Teamed Overseer is in danger. The Survival of the Overseer is the greatest importance to a Drone. Putting yourself between your Overseer and danger is your goal. High shot penetration, health, and speed is advised. You can circle your Overseer if you are able, firing directly away from them.

If, the Overseer you have tried to Team with refuses you, simply leave and try to find another.

Sumo: Sumo class. Put all points towards health, speed, and body damage no firing just giving friendly, deadly, hugs!

Troller: Team with a dancer type and protect them, then when the dancer is level 45 kill them! (Note From Zathus To Creator of this Idea: Dancers can't level up. According to that section, they don't shoot).

Text Message: Go to Team DM, and copy the party code. Name yourself part of a message you want to send. Let's say the message is 'Subscribe to Adasba's YouTube channel'. Name yourself 'Subscribe to', and stay in the spawn. Name another player 'Adasba's', and join the same server with the party code. Move so that you are close to the other tank, so it looks like it says 'Subscribe to Adasba's'. 


Example of 'Text Message'.

Repeat with 'Youtube', and 'Channel'. Replace the words or the amount of tanks with whatever you want. You may want an extra player to view the message easily. Look at the example down below that says "Don't vote Trump". The trolling possibilities are endless ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Pacifism! "So, I got an idea. Every player that sees this can join the clan called "Pacifism". It will be a [PM] in the start of a username. Each player with no exception will: Build ONLY body damage, health regen, max health and movement speed, but will not be ramming into anything except squares, triangles, and other "food". Will not shoot bullets (accidents don't count as shooting) Will always be ready to make other players "pacifists", or just make other players not shoot. If sees anyone fighting, try to stop it any way you want without killing. The pacifist cant choose overseer, overlord, or any tank whose "minions" will be fighting automatically, including Hybrid (Necromancer is allowed as long as you don't hit any squares). So... Let's do the Pacifist mode on this game! :D". IDEA; Bullet Penetration can stop bullet attack,however you may accidentally hurt someone.

Noob: Go to the leader on ffa as a level 1 tank, then suicide into him. Repeat a few times, then when they get used to you ramming into them, destroy some polygons then max out body damage and max health and then ram. They might not die but will definitely get a shock from it and if their a smasher, then they might get surprised.


Trolling is fun. That's why we do it.

Note: This section used to be its own page, but is now classified as one giant sub-category of Non-Traditional Playstyles. None of the content was edited... only moved.

By: Built4Battle (I give credit to iXPLODE for some of the ideas and pictures)

1: "NINJA"- get stalker with max bullet speed, penetration, damage, and reload. Then hide somewhere (close to a corner for best results), and be a complete jerk but still feel good about it.


2: "THE WALL"- get overtrapper with max bullet speed, damage, penetration and reload. Then go the corner (any one) of the map, and face your trapper barrel into the corner. Put on auto fire, then do nothing. Let the picture explain the rest. NOTE: Does not seem to work as i have just tested it.


3: "LANDMINE"- July 31, 2016. Landmines are added to trolling, will never be the same...... in a good way:)


5: "OFFLINE"- Note: only works against weak tanks. Pretend to be offline (let the opponent land a few shots on you), and then... yeah. Payback.

6: "YOU ASKED FOR IT"- Get a tank that would usually not have body damage (such as Octotank or Manager [4]). When you see a body damage tank (Booster, Smasher, stuff like that), run away from it. If it chases you, keep running until you can practically smell what it had for breakfast, then come to an acute stop. (Unless you know you can not beat it. Then you keep running and praying)

7: "NO MORE SUNCHIPS"- Find a poor Necromancer that ate all its Sunchips (by ate, I mean used up), and KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL.

By: ?

8:"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN"- Go to your server's leader (considering if you are playing FFA), get the Tri-Angle.

Get your Health Regen,Max Health,Reload and Movement Speed Max (For maximum speed and health) and just Spin around them UNTIL THEY GET FREAKIN MAD. Trolololol.

By: Miss Lovey Dove- Go right outside your spawn area (considering if you are playing Team Deathmatch), get a level 45 flank guard

Get your bullet damage, body damage, movement speed (to catch up to the players to use your body damage) max health (so you won't die from their body damage) and wait for someone to try to kill you. Then turn in to a octotank and kill them with your bullets and catch up to them with your movement speed and use your body damage.

10.Pushing teammates into Alpha Pentagons while they're killing it: TROLLMANIA!

By Apentashot1274

11. "Fast and Furious"

Team up with 2 - 3 triangles or boosters, and upgrade yourself to a triplet. Position both of the boosters / triangles so that they would push you, but would not let you slip. Attack the enemy team; you would attack while the triangles/ boosters would push you forward. Perfect troll.

By Akkaviv

12. "Simple Troll"

Die as a level 45 tank, and respawn. You should be a level 22 tank. Do not move, but just silently upgrade body damage, max health, and health regen. Wait until a tank notices you and tries to shoot you. They won't be able to, as you have a shield (as long as you don't move). Soon, they will go near you, or ram into you. Both ways, move toward them, and use you body damage to kill them.

Note: This only works occasionally, and only if the enemy tank is impatient.

13. "Plain Rudeness"

Name yourself "haha you died" or something taunting, and shoot low level tanks from far distance. After each kill, spin like crazy so they can see you after they died "making fun of" them.

14."Leave me alone!!!"

Keep following a low level tank.When they try to kill a polygon,almost kill them leaving them with few hitpoints.Keep doing this until they stop trying to kill polygons.Circle around them slowly then suddenly ram into them.

By GeoDash!

15. "Spin-to-team"

Make your name Spin=Team or something like that. Then, upgrade to Triple Twin or Octo tank. The build should be 2/2/0/7/7/7/7/1. Spin to attract people to join you, but do not turn on Auto-Fire . Then, when you are teamed with someone, turn on auto fire and kill them >:)

16. "AI team"

Do the same as above, but upgrade to Overtrapper or Hybrid. The drones don't know if a tank is teamed with you in FFA, so use them to kill them >:) (darn this is the same as drone in the above section.

17. "Troll names"

Make your name "A freind" or "Yourself" so when you kill someone the death screen says "You were killed by a friend" or "You were killed by yourself" and the kill notifications say "You killed a friend" or "You killed yourself"

Also, note from GeoDash!, why can't this be a blog post?

18. Spawn-kill

There is not more i can say, you wait till a tank spawn, and kill it. The End

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