aka The Stone-Faced Witness

  • I live in Triangle Nest.
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Polygon Scientist and being a polygon Boss.
  • I am A Triangle Male
  • Enpanzran

    July 17 2017.

    Enpanzran/Intelrifkin's Interactive Book.

    I am Enpanzran, also known as AM Waves, my former name. I am a bit of a weird person, as you can ask to other people. They will reply "Yes, he is" 95% of the time. This weirdness actually made me isolated from friendly grounds and I was much of a shy and inturned guy. I don't have a high self esteem, I am serious and cold blooded most of the time.

    As the time passed by, I got more of a shy one. When classmates were hanging together, I usually stood in the class, or drew, or imagined things. I was sad and not sad at the same time. The reason I was sad, was that I had no one to talk freely to. The reason I was not sad was, that I believed it was destiny and it would be helpful to not have …

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  • Enpanzran


    July 12, 2017 by Enpanzran

    I hate FTB

    The code was the wrong one!

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