aka bram/:thonk: the hedgehog

  • I live in somewhere that i shall not tell you
  • My occupation is doing stuff at the place that i shall not tell you where it is
  • I am defeating dotker :ok: and RUNNEHN AROUN A TEH SEED OF WOW(city escape theme is bad)
  • FlurrTheGamerMixel

    So. as title says. its my way of getting to gunner faster than normal(maybe)

    So just farm some polygons and weak tanks then become a machine gun after destroying enough polygons

    And make bullet damage and movement speed at max and farm MORE polygons out of you base.

    And then farm enough polygons or kill enough players to become a gunner

    And maybe upgrade from gunner to a gunner trapper or whatever else the gunner upgrades into when you have enough polygons. or maybe farm from the pentagon nest

    And also upgrade your stats while farming if you want

    Leave opinions in the comments. thats it

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