aka Slime Tank

  • I live in In a world far from the arena.
  • I was born on March 26
  • My occupation is Being a slime with a tank cannon as helmet.
  • I am A slime disguised as a tank.
  • Bio A simple user with experience of doing PowerPoint art especially related stuff.
    Can be usually tracked down at the English Wiki ( doing medals and other art for its administration.
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  • GellyPop

    "It shoots and rams, mostly both at a time." ~ Gelly's tagline on Auto Smasher

    The Auto Smasher, a level 45 tank known for delivering a new way of strategy it brings upon (despite it not being announced on a Changelog), isn't just what you think as an underrated tank. While many somewhat think it as a waste in the game of, it still got something to prove...

    As you probably know it, the Auto Smasher is a successor of, well, Smasher. Upon upgrading to it, an auto turret pops out on its body. What does that means? You got projectiles again. This time, though, you cannot control where you can fire bullets. Plus, bullet-related stats are back, with a capacity of 10 points each, making it the tank with…

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  • GellyPop

     Welcome to Comparisons Part 2!

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  • GellyPop

    Profile Info Extension

    September 20, 2017 by GellyPop

    These are additional info and extra stuff that should be around my Profile Page, but moved because of large size (plus too irrelevant to show, perhaps). Most are my diep-statistics (yes I moved them here, I ain't an average player who shows the punishment of illegal teaming in FFA the hard way), while others are non-sense planks.

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  • GellyPop

    Welcome to Comparisons Part 1!

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  • GellyPop

    Extreme Challenge No. 1

    March 11, 2017 by GellyPop

    An extremely difficult challenge that requires setting up stuff using Console before starting it.

    This challenge puts the player on how long can he/she survive in an environment where almost all things are black, including himself, along as how much points can he/she acquired before death. Health and Stats cannot be seen, as well as names and other texts that might reveal the enemies. You can't even know whether you can upgrade your tank class. Summed up, it looks like the player is in "blind state".

    Type and enter the following codes in game Console:

    ren_background false

    net_replace_color 0 0x000000

    net_replace_color 1 0x000000

    net_replace_color 2 0x000000

    net_replace_color 3 0x000000

    net_replace_color 4 0x000000

    net_replace_color 5 0x000000


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