A blog post with a purpose to show some of my quotes, which some could be even applied as advices on playing

Quote List

  • "Don't let challenges overburden you, but use them as your strength."
  • "Learning the concepts of Mathematics could be hard, but once you mastered it, things would go easier for you."
  • "Why choosing a hard way if you can do it the easy way?"
  • "Better make plans before doing things. Not all things would go according to your desires."
  • "Blow a small ball with your mouth, it might not even move. Push the same ball with your hand, it might go farther than you think."
  • "Check your vitals. It's necessary for your survival."
  • "Always work in numbers, because the more you are, the faster you achieve your goals."
  • "One of the worst feeling you may face is having the best of your friends gone on your side, but the memories you spent with them should never be forgotten and disappear in just a tick."

-Signed By Gelly Pop (talk)

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