The forum game is dead a very long time ago and less likely to be seen again. This blog was only a part of its history.

Join the forum game, now! Land: Nerfed Warfare

This blog post serves as the possible blueprints used to be brought from me for the game, since I am a NPC shop there. Tank blueprints allow your main Factory to create tanks elaborated on those for your army.

Current Blueprints You Can Buy

Blueprints Tank Tier Tank Description Price
Slimer 2 Shoots slime bulllets that can temporarily slow down your enemies. 500
Sawer 3 A melee tank that uses saw rods for grinding enemies. 1,000
Camo-Gunner 4 A Gunner able to become invisible. Great for sneaky tactics with some sort of bullet storming. 1,500
Engager 4 A Tri-Angle with two wide-turning auto turrets on its sides. Good for raiding enemy buildings. 1,500
Executioner 4 Fires large bullets and medium-sized traps. 1,500
Defender Boss A Triangle Boss that uses three auto turrets and three trap launchers. Has 2,300 health points each. 10,050


  • For every two weeks, the blueprints you may buy in my shop will change, although not all of them will be. This means that some blueprints would be replaced by newer blueprints. Old blueprints may become available to be sold again in the future, depending on chances.
    • This starts at Feb. 1 in my timezone, but no blueprints will be changed at that time.
  • Buffing and debuffing of the tanks on their own pages also affects their behavior in the game, including already manufactured (both military group part or neutral/hostile) tanks.
  • The Defender blueprint will last for a pretty long time without being taken down. However, since it is a Boss Tier Tank, it would take a lot of space (or even full space) for your level 140 Factory to create one Defender for your army.