Hi! I just make some of these wallpapers. You may use them for free! Your feedbacks are welcome so I can improve the wallpapers.

Currently, these are suitable for desktop or PC (or whatever you call it), and created with MS Powerpoint. Each picture may has its own size, and all are saved in .png format (.jpeg/.jpg tends to had bad definition when used as wallpaper), and has size of 1,425 x 888 pixels (14.84 x 9.25 inches). The first one on the list is the latest.

-GellyPop(∩▰ ͜つ▰)⊃━☆゚.* (talk)

Myth of the Summoner

With gold-to-black background, this picture depicts an 'effect-styled' Summoner (and 4 simple drones of it), along with a two-part caption included: "Some says it was a mighty Yellow Square who protects its kins..." and "...while others believe it was a Necromancer who went beyond its powers..."

Ideal if you like the Summoner (and if you want to know some fictional backstory from it).



Who knows about the story of this powerful boss..?

Get it here. By the way, which would you rather believe about it, a powerful Square, or a monstrous Necromancer?

Polygon Party

Maybe a similar (if not identical) background from itself would make it fun, it depicts different Polygons somewhat very near to each other.

Although there are no Alpha Pentagons, there are at least 7 Yellow Squares, 6 Small Crashers, 5 Red Triangles, 4 Large Crashers, 3 Blue Pentagons, a Green Square, Green Triangle, and a Green Pentagon.



Pretty much valuable...

After you download it, can you get how much XP will be given by all of these? Tanks Inc.

With a rectangular gradient of extreme light blue from inside and dark blue on border, this picture shows a Blue Factory creating minions (with some smoke effects for the win). A written piece " Tanks Inc." is also present, referencing the Factory's ability to spawn newly-connected players.



I need to know the composition of tanks...

Go here to get it!

4-Teams VS

Set in blue-red-purple-green gradient background, 4 Tanks of different teams faced each other to start a fight. Blue versus Red. Green versus Purple. Which would win?



Let the match begin!

Get it here: pic page.

Anti-Pentagon Genocide

Placed in pink gradient background, the picture depicts of a Guardian of the Pentagon with all (24) drones. The Guardian do have a slight gradient color, and some glowing effect. A caption is also present: "They're here to stop your Pentagon genocide, Tank."



They're here to stop your Pentagon genocide, Tank.

Would you fight it?

Arena Closed

A picture of an Arena Closer in a yellow-like gradient background, along the notification of Arena Closing. Well, get it if you're a fan of (Yellow) Arena Closers.

The notification slightly looks like the real one from the game.



Arena Closed: No players can join

Here get it, before the arena closes!

Arena Closed: In Action

Actually more of a comic strip scene, but why not? This depicts an Arena Closer shooting bullets on a Hybrid. The camera is 'pretty far' from the scene, which makes the Hybrid too small. Well, before the arena closes, better have time to get it.



That Hybrid's reaction, though...

Well... link...

Its Over - Fallen Overlord

This picture depicts a Fallen Overlord with gradient color effects, and a gray gradient background. A caption in 'Chiller' font family is also present:

"Its Over..." "My Old Friend"

Why over? Because Fallen Overlord! No, don't laugh at that one... but why "Old Friend"? Because Overlord is a playable class, which the Fallen Overlord is what before during its 'children ages'.

Somewhat spooky, but ideal if you want to have the Fallen Overlord some scary theme.



It's Over...

Get the wallpaper here.


Keep Calm - Spike (Wallpaper Pack)

These pictures depicts a Spike class, with caption "KEEP CALM and BE A SPIKE", along with a bluish-gradient background. Comes in two variations; one with "shiny stars" things and one without. Spike tank comes in 6 colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow (Neutral), and Grey (Fallen). Good for those who love the Spike class and are familiar with the "Keep Calm" phrases.

Overall number of photos in section: 12


KeepCalmSpike Blue

Blue Spike, Non-Shiny

KeepCalmSpike FallenShiny

Fallen Spike, Shiny


Shiny: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Neutral, Fallen

Non-Shiny: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Neutral, Fallen

Typhoon/Hurricane Octo (Wallpaper Pack) (Work-in-Progress)

Work in progress... Stay tuned. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Danger - Landmine (Wallpaper Pack) (Work-in-Progress)

Work in progress... Stay tuned. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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