Ghostly Owns

  • I live in somewhere, the middle of nowhere.
  • My occupation is Unknown
  • I am a [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Ghostly Owns
    • The basic tank, with the build of a Smasher/Landmine. Farm quietly, and when you see enemy players, shoot your gun to make it appear like you invest your stats in the bullet stats. When they get too close, ram them, and get an easy kill.
      • In the event that you do become a smasher/landmine, farm quietly, or ram players that don't appear to have much in body damage (the ones that focus on their guns). Flee from the annihilators.
      • As a landmine, either continue your playstyle (for bragging rights) or go invisible and wait (preferably near the pentagon nest). You damn troll. =D
    • Twin, which is REALLY good for farming / moving around. Maximize Movement Speed, Reload and Bullet Damage & Penetration for the best farming experience ever. Glass cannon th…
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