As you may know, our current administrator is inactive since the first day of this wiki. He did a total of 7 edits, but now we don't have any use of him.

This wiki has been griefed several times, and there was no one to protect it. We also need to delate many spam pages, so we really need to get a new Admin.

I asked for permission to name a new Admin on the Community Wikia, and they said that if we choose a new Admin and everyone agrees with that choice, he can become Admin straight away. (In most cases you need to give the old admin 60 days chance to come back but they made an exception)

So if you have any suggestions for the new Admin, post them in this Discussion. We can have election for the new Admin from all suggestions at the end.

I'm sorry if there were any grammar mistakes in the text, english is my foreign language and I am not perfect at it