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    A legit blog post

    October 30, 2016 by II Finale II

    I'm writing this extrememly quickly so if there's any mistakes or something, soz.

    Exams are coming up in 2 weeks.

    Which means problems.

    But that's not it.

    Seriously, if I fail this test, I might as well, say goodbye to the wiki for six months.

    So... expect much, much, lower activity. I"ll probably be drowning myself in maths and science and idek.

    So yeah.

    Just though you guys might need to know.

    Science 77%(DON'T PANIC the grade average was 60% XD)


    Geography 92%

    English 86%

    MATHS 79%...

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    Welcome back to yet another guide by Finale!

    This is a guide for beginners to the gamemode Domination, how to play it and general tips and strategies!

    Without further ado, let's get started.

    Domination was added to in the June 2nd update, 2016. It was the first game to actually have win conditions, the latter being Mothership(Removed).

    This gamemode's Map is laid out in the same way as a typical 2 Teams game, except the bases are in corners and spawn sporadically, although the Blue base is always on the left side and the Red base on the right. Leveling up is also much easier in this gamemode, as Polygons are worth two times more EXP.

    The main aim is to capture the four Dominators located in certain places on the map. Once a team…

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    Just ideas. Hopefully, sometime in the future I can actually write this song.

    Still WIP, only have parts atm and will probably be frequently changed.

    Son of glory

    Daughter of death

    This is our offer

    Take it or leave it

    It's your bet

    Fight in shadows

    Defend in light

    Solo or teamed

    United or traitor

    There's no wrong or right

    So fight beside me

    Choose your enemy

    Think for yourself and take a stand

    Choose who you want to be

    This is your destiny

    Your fate in inside your own hands

    Order to Kill

    The story is real

    Only room for the fittest to survive

    Order to Kill

    This is our deal

    Time to strike or be consumed in vain

    Order to Kill

    I made this world, this world, this world

    Join me and claim your prize


    Oh, come on

    You can't escape the truth

    This world is genocide

    I'll be…

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    Salutations, ladies and gentletanks.

    THE Booster(or, A Booster, depending on the circumstances), of the wiki is here to share the Art of TDM Diepia with the newbies of the Arena!

    *insert mad clapping sound effect*

    Thank you, thank you.

    Right, onto it.

    TDM(Team Deathmatch) was the second game mode released by the Developers sine's initial launch. During the initial launch, it featured two teams - Red and Blue. As of the September update it now consists of two modes - 2 Teams and 4 Teams.

    2 Teams follows the original TDM map style, while 4 Teams, as its name suggests, has 4 Teams, the Bases on other sides of the map. The Bases are protected so that if a tank tries to enter, they will die and suffer knockback. If they get too close, the bas…

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  • II Finale II

    Inspiration from Life as a Minecraft Mob, by ShadowLykos on Wattpad.


    Comment below if you have any requests! I cannot do Tank until the other aspects are developed, though. I normally do these in order from top to bottom. 

    EDIT: School is in full swing now, so don't expect regular updates.

    Translated from ZipCrash

    Hi. I’m Riptide, a small Crasher. Yes, we do have names.

    I suppose I’m lucky. My friends got a bunch of much worse names, like Fasty, Epic, and one of them, Pinky.

    Life as a Crasher sucks. We lot are born in the Undergrid, a place that you lot would probably call Hell, and we only exist for a short time before a tank comes along. Then we are forced to follow them unrelentingly until they, or we, die. We forced to by the Guard…

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