Welcome back to yet another guide by Finale!

This is a guide for beginners to the gamemode Domination, how to play it and general tips and strategies!

Without further ado, let's get started.

Background Stuff

Domination was added to in the June 2nd update, 2016. It was the first game to actually have win conditions, the latter being Mothership(Removed).

This gamemode's Map is laid out in the same way as a typical 2 Teams game, except the bases are in corners and spawn sporadically, although the Blue base is always on the left side and the Red base on the right. Leveling up is also much easier in this gamemode, as Polygons are worth two times more EXP.

The main aim is to capture the four Dominators located in certain places on the map. Once a team has all four Dominators, they win the game and the Arena Closes.

Before launch

Like in all gamemodes, check the Builds page for a build. Do note that Ramming and Drone tanks(apart from Overlord, for their fast reload) won't really help much against a dominator. High DPS tanks are valued in this gamemode.


First Moments & Tier 1

Obviously, you'll spawn in your corresponding team base.

In Domination, tanks are generally divided into two groups:

Assaulting: Assaulting the Dominators directly. Ideal for high DPS tanks, Overlords and Destroyers that can blast through Traps if it is a Trapper Dominator, and can block incoming bullets from Gunner and Destroyer Dominators.

Distracting: These tanks exist to distract the Dominator and the enemy tanks so the rest of the team can do their work. Most of the time they just chase the enemy tanks away, however, they can make kills. This group includes Drones and Ramming tanks.

Like in all gamemodes, start farming right away. If you join a new game right after an old one ended, head for the Pentagon Nest as fast as you can, as it'll likely to be mostly, if not all, deserted. Be very aware of Crashers though, as you could find yourself swarmed.

Tier 2(skip if going for Smasher related tank)

(Copied from the TDM Guide)

When you reach Level 15, unless your build goes through the Twin or Machine Gun branch or heavily relies on its bullets, do not choose your tank. This is because the basic tank offers recoil through its bullets, and will thus make you faster, ideal for Ramming builds. Choosing Sniper for example will also make it considerably harder to farm EXP due to the low reload speed and single bullet, making leveling up a slow and annoying progress.

Tier 3

(Partially copied from TDM guide)

Once you’ve achieved Level 30 you can instantly upgrade to whatever Tier 3 tank you want. For example, a tank can choose Flank Guard, then instantly choose Tri-Angle as they are the right level. This way they can skip the inbetween process.

At Level 30 the Smasher also becomes available. If you choose this, your bullet related stats (Speed, Penetration, Damage and Reload) will disappear, and the max cap for the rest of the stats will be increased to 10.

Continue farming to reach the max level cap.

Do be warned: At this stage, you have the decision to start contributing to your team and begin capturing. However, you should only do this as a last resort if your last team Dominator in under severe assault. If you find a Dominator which your team is attacking, however, you can try to distracting it if you are a fast tank such as Tri-Angle.

If you know the enemy tanks are strong, continue farming, do not attempt to help as there is a high risk you'll die before you can do anything. Also, try and attack weaker enemy tanks to gain EXP from killing them.

Tier 4

Your stats should be maxed out now. Choose your final Tier Tank.

Winning the Game

The ultimate goal is to take control of all four Dominators on the map.

The following are some ways of achieving the ultimate goal:

1. Dominator Assault

Ideal for high DPS tanks, Destroyers and Overlords.

Obviously, attacking the Dominators are the top priority.

Remember the Golden Rule: Attack as a team. Less tanks actually die this way, and the Dominator's attention is divided. Also, never wander within the square, as if the Dominator's target moves out of its range, it could suddenly turn around and target YOU.

2. Dominator Defense

Ideal for Drones, Trapping and Ramming Tanks

This will only apply later into the game, when all the Dominators are captured.

Stick around your Dominator. Trappers lay down traps, Rammer scout the nearby area, Drones throw a doritos party.

Just kidding.

3. Enemy Snipers

Ideal for all tank types

The goal is to kill the enemy tanks before they can achieve a high level and become potentially dangerous.

Some ways of doing this are:

  • Killing tanks
  • Cutting off EXP sources

General Notes & Tips

  • The early bird gets the worm, so be quick.

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