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THE Booster(or, A Booster, depending on the circumstances), of the wiki is here to share the Art of TDM Diepia with the newbies of the Arena!

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Basic Background Stuff(because no one likes the word History)

TDM(Team Deathmatch) was the second game mode released by the Developers sine's initial launch. During the initial launch, it featured two teams - Red and Blue. As of the September update it now consists of two modes - 2 Teams and 4 Teams.

2 Teams follows the original TDM map style, while 4 Teams, as its name suggests, has 4 Teams, the Bases on other sides of the map. The Bases are protected so that if a tank tries to enter, they will die and suffer knockback. If they get too close, the base’s Protectors will also become active, and will chase down the offender until they fall out of range.

The general controls are the same, but tanks of the same team cannot harm each other with any Ammunition, and can ‘push’ each other around without Body Damage. The EXP value is the same as in Free For All.

As a side note, some of the tips shared in this guide can also be applied to FFA and other game modes. However, do not attempt to team in FFA. It ruins the game for others, and you’ll probably end up killing each other anyways, deliberately or accidentally.

Before launch

Check the Builds page for an ideal build that you can use. Follow the instructions given. If you’re not very good with the Class Tree, you should check out the Tiers page for info. Read the page on your chosen tank as there is some very useful information on it, such as strengths and weaknesses which you should heed.


First Moments & Tier 1

Depending on what mode you choose, you’ll spawn in Red, Blue, Purple or Green. Normally whatever team you spawn in is the one that was struggling at the time.

Your top priority is to get as much EXP as possible to level up. Find some Squares and start farming. Of course, if you can find Pentagons or Triangles that'll be even better.

Depending on what type of tank you’re going for, this is the order that you should max the stats out in:

Ramming Tanks: Max HP, Body Damage, a little HP Regen in cases of emergencies, Movement Speed, HP Regen, Reload.

Note: If your tank is anything branching off Smasher(apart from Auto Smasher), then ignore the Reload part and continue with whatever the Build tells you.

Bullet/Drone Tanks: HP/Movement Speed(depending on the build), Damage, Penetration, a little Speed for emergencies, Reload, Speed/Regen.

Trapping Tanks: Penetration, Damage, Reload, any other stats in whatever order.

You do not have to upgrade in these orders. You can choose your own style and stick with it.

Tip: If the build calls for a maxed out skill, use the code M + 1-8 to automatically max out the stat.

Tier 2(skip if going for Smasher related tank)

When you reach Level 15, unless your build goes through the Twin or Machine Gun branch or heavily relies on its bullets, do not choose your tank. This is because the basic tank offers recoil through its bullets, and will thus make you faster, ideal for Ramming builds. Choosing Sniper for example will also make it considerably harder to farm EXP due to the low reload speed and single bullet, making leveling up a slow and annoying progress.

Tier 3

Once you’ve achieved Level 30 you can instantly upgrade to whatever Tier 3 tank you want. For example, a tank can choose Flank Guard, then instantly choose Tri-Angle as they are the right level. This way they can skip the inbetween process.

At Level 30 the Smasher also becomes available. If you choose this, your bullet related stats(Speed, Penetration, Damage and Reload) will disappear, and the max cap for the rest of the stats will be increased to 10.

At this point it’s a good idea to stick around a few teammates. A Smasher or Hunter should stick around a Drone Tank, a Tri-Angle a Penta Shot/Octo Tank, and so on. Find a teammate who is the type that your tank is normally weak to or has difficulty attacking, and hang around them. This way, you and the other tank both have protection from dangerous enemies. At this stage, it’s also considered safe to start farming in the Nest at the centre.

Of course, if the build calls for you to remain at a certain tier then you obviously do so.

Tier 4

The fourth and final tier. At this stage, you should have all the stats upgraded to their correct levels. Choose your final tank.


Once you’ve reached Tier 3, your next goal is to bring your team back up into domination, if it isn’t already. There are several ways of doing this, including but not limited to:

1. Base Assault

Ideal for Ramming and Bullet Related Tanks, sometimes Drones.

Probably the most risky of all strategies, as if you get cornered with low health there’s pretty much no chance you’ll survive. However, it’s one of the most worthwhile ways of control. You hang around right outside the enemy base, and wait until a tank enters your range before killing them. It’s the best to buddy up with a couple of other teammates for protection, since you’ll be far from safety.

2. Leaders Assault

Ideal for all Level 45 Tank types.

This one you’ll definitely need a team. You will need to directly assault the leading tanks on the opposing team, as they are likely to be protecting the rest of their teammates. This requires strategy, and it’s likely one or more tanks will die in the progress, but once they’re down it’s a huge blow to the opposing and a plus for you.

3. Base Defence

Ideal for all Tank types, but mostly Trapper and Drone tanks.

Defend base by placing traps around and stationing Overseer tanks on the border of the base. ‘Nuff said.

4. Controlling the Nest

Ideal for all Tank types, however, Penta/Spread Shot and Necromancers are highly effective.

In many TDM games, the team that controls the Pentagon Nest is the team that rules the Arena. So it’s a good strategy.

You’ll need the strongest of your team on this. Driving the opposing off is hard work, and doesn’t always work. Many lower level tanks run when they notice a cloud of bullets or an army of controlled Squares, so bring your Necromancers along. Be careful of Landmines and other invisible tanks, as they can pop up suddenly and take the entire army by surprise.

General Notes & Tips

  • If you're directly assaulting a base and lose more than half your health, do not continue. Return to your own base and waiting for your health to go back up. Many tanks make this mistake and are instantly sniped and killed when a leading tank on the other team/s attacks.
  • Always, always, keep an eye on your tank, not just your target. Many unsuspecting have died to the Rammer or Destroyer Bullet(me included, it was a Hybrid ;-;)
  • Use your recoil(if your tank has it) to your advantage, to move around faster.
  • If you don't want to draw attention to yourself, turn off Auto Fire until absolutely necessary.

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