Basically a ton of teams I've thought up for These are only suitable for TDM.

Use Ctrl+F to find a particular tank.

Larger teams will need the players to have a way of contacting each other(wikia chatroom OR Discord, Discord is probs better) as otherwise they will be impossible to manage.


The Unstoppable

Tanks: Smasher, Overlord, Machine Gun, Ranger

Numbers: At least 5.

Setup: At least 2 Smashers to patrol. The Overlord is protected by both the Machine Gun and Smashers. The Ranger uses their extended vision as an early alarm to warn when a tank approaches by shooting in that direction. This set is flexible, allowing certain tanks to be swapped with others, eg Machine Gun with Triplet.

Tested?: No.


Tanks: Overlord or any other Overseer tank except Manager, Smasher/Landmine

Numbers: At least 3

Setup: The Overlord/s protect the Smashers with their drone and the Smashers protect the Overlord, making a win-win team.

Tested?: Yes.

Test 1: With a Necromancer and one Smasher. Shot down very quickly due to low HP after attacking a tank. 

Refugee Point

Tanks: Tri Trapper with Ultimate Defense Build(5,7,0,0,7,7,7,0)

Numbers: At least 3

Setup: All tanks involved should tag themselves with [RP](Rest Point), so that they can identify each other. Position each teamate just past the 'safe zone'(range of the Guardians) and set on suto spin and fire, creating little trap circles that other tanks can hide in to regen and shoot. Keep and eye on the tank at all times, if heavy attack seems imminent retreat immediately. Watch out for Destroyer and teaming tanks, as they will cut through your wall VERY quickly. A Tri-Trapper wall is useless unless other tanks actually use it.

Tested?: Yes.

Test 1: Tried solo, stayed alive for 10 minutes before Destroyer tank cut though wall, forcing retreat and death(smh @ protector range -_-)

Non Serious Teams

A smol collection of possible and super op teams but are pretty much impossible to assemble. Unless, you're like, really really lucky or you bribe everyone to the wikia chat at once so that they'll listen to you. Wait, don't do that...


A huge margarine of random tanks all with maxed out Bullet Speed, Penetration, Damage and Reload and just destroy everything in their path. Everyone is just bunched up in a ball and pretty much move at a horribly slow pace around and shoot everyone dead. Super hard to level up because everyone is shooting at once and laggy for slow computers but great for trolling.

Level of Devastatingness and Invincibilityness: Depends on number of tanks. 4/10 - 9/10.

Probability of it happening by chance: Crazy


Litterally like ten Necomancers gathering all their minions together in a bunch and find afk/weak team tanks and wait. If an enemy tank tries to attack the afking tank or one of the Necromancers be like, 'YOLO' and obliterate the tank. This will be harder when it comes to groups or Ramming tanks, but is yet again a great troll team.

Level of Devastatingness and Invincibilityness: 7/10

Probability of it happening by chance: Moderately Crazy

Hai, now dai


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