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This is it, We have had enough of it! Today is the day we will destroy the bosses! We will not stop until we become victorious!

When I was looking at Finale's story "If you were a square", I want to do a story too. So here it is, Revenge of the bosses!

NOTE: since I have school, this should take a long time. But since I have the weekend, I will have time to do this.

Let's begin!

Chapter 1: The Beginning

There are a lot of strong tanks in But I, the Overlord happened to be one of the strongest. I am the leader of my other tanks. With me and my team, we've been with strong battles. But the craziest battle was when the bosses of attacked us in a ENORMOUS fight.

It all happened yesterday, when it started like a normal day. Ever since the secret Necromancer update, the bosses were infuriated because they liked the streak of no updates. I asked "Why would the bosses be angry because of a secret update? That's crazy!"

Later, when I was in the pentagon nest, all of a sudden, Fallen Booster sneaks up behind me and kills me when I was about to kill an Alpha Pentagon. Who killed the Alpha Pentagon in the end? Fallen Booster did.

"Okay, now that was too crazy!" I shouted. So loud, a battleship approached and killed me. "Not again." I sighed. That's when the battle started, because Fallen Booster killed me.

Chapter 2: The battle (Part 1)

I went into Domination mode, were Fallen Booster was. I spawned in my drones and yelled "Die, Fallen Booster!". "Let's see you little wimp try!" Said Fallen booster. He literally ment it because he killed me.

"Wait, if I'm going to defeat him, I need my other tanks." I thought. And that's when I went back into FFA to get my friends.

I found Battleship first. Before he could make his move, I stopped him. He said "What do you want from me? I'm trying to find a necromancer." I said "This is extravagant! Fallen Booster is trying to kill all of us! Come with me!"

We both went into Domination mode again and found FB. "Ooh, you got your stupid friend! Now, prepare to die!" Fallen Booster said. Then the battle officially started. We attacked with our drones. "Die, FB!" We yelled. He still got us with his gray balls.

"I can't believe it!" I said. "I know, we need more of our friends." Battleship said. "Your right, we need more tanks, and more power!" I said like I'm victorious.

Chapter 3: The battle (Part 2)

Overlord and Battleship rushed to the team base where they found their friends. "HELP!!!" Cried Battleship. "What's wrong?" Asked Necromancer. "Fallen Booster is trying to kill us!" Said Battleship.

"Did you say Fallen Booster?" Asked Tri-Angle in a weird voice. "Yes." I answered. "Then I do not want to be involved in this." Said Tri-Angle. "That's a great idea! You should kill FB." I said. "W-why?" Stuttered Tri-Angle. "This will give you an advantage to become stronger!" I exclaimed.

"No!" Tri-Angle shouted. "Do not make him do something he doesn't want to do!" Exclaimed Booster. "I'll give you $500." Said Battleship. "AGUH, fine." Said Booster.

We went to FB, then we let Tri-Angle take the battle. "Trust me Tri-Angle, you'll do fine. I said. Then Tri-Angle went off.

"Ooh, look who's here, the weakling!" Said Fallen Booster. "What you call weak, I call fast!" Exclaimed Tri-Angle. "Bring it on!" Cried FB.

Tri-Angle moved as fast as he can to try and ram into FB. But FB made an ambush and shot his gray bullet then, BAM!!! The bullet smashes right into Tri-Angle then THUD!!! Tri-Angle gets smashed to the ground.

Chapter 4: The mystery buttons

"OW!!" Screeched Tri-Angle. "Tri-Angle! Are you okay?" Cried Booster. "No, I'm not... AUGH!" Said Tri-angle in excruciating pain. "I told you that wouldn't work." Exclaimed Booster. "I thought it would work for him." Said Overlord.

After 10 minutes of arguing, Battleship ended the argument while saying "THAT IS ENOUGH!" "Why don't we all take a break from this battle and go back to FFA to explore the map?" "Good idea." Answered Booster.

We all went back to FFA and walked across the map. Then we found a big red button. "What's this?" Asked Battleship. "A red button." I answered. We were also right next to a sign that said "Press the button to get to Tank Paradise!"

I pressed the button, but it was a trick! We fell into a hole, which was surprising. "We fell into a trap!" Said Necromancer. "No, you're in there right place." Said a mysterious person.

We thought we were being followed, but it was really another person. In order to believe it, I needed to know his name. "Who are you and what are you doing here?!" I shouted. "If you must know, my name is Tucker." Said Tucker.

"If you want to get to Tank Paradise, you need to answer a little question." Tucker said. "What the meanest tank in the game?" "That's easy, Fallen Booster." I said.

"Correct!" Tucker said. "Now, push this red button to get to Tank Paradise."

We pushed the button ant then the floor lifted us up to Tank Paradise. "This is amazing!" Booster shouted. "Let's go to the battle area." Said Tucker. "But first, what's the max level for a tank?" "Umm, 45?" Asked Tri-Angle.

"That's right!" Said Tucker. "Press the button to go to the battle room."

It's like everything was a quiz to go to the next area, then we press the button. How convenient.

"I've got an idea, how we put Tri-angle in the battle center?" Asked Booster. "I thought you said it was a bad idea?" I said. "Well I changed my mind." Said Booster.

"Hey look, it's a Tri-Angle!" Said a tank. "Let's beat him up!" "No, I will get you with my speed! Shouted Tri-Angle.

Chapter 5: The war

So the battle began. As we all watched, even Tucker, we hoped that Tri-Angle would win. However, the tanks were so strong, they were as strong as all the bosses.

One of the tanks hit Tri-Angle in the spot were he got hurt before. Then Tri-Angle fell into a coma.

Two hours later...

"Tri-Angle, Tri-Angle, Tri-Angle, wake up." Booster said. "Uhh, where am I?" Asked Tri-Angle. "Your in the hospital." Answered Tucker. "Me, a.k.a, the doc saved you." Said the doc. "So do you feel better after being in a coma for two hours?" Said Booster

"Umm, let's see..." said Tri-angle. "I think s-" Tri-angle stopped, then said "OW!!!" Everyone gasped. "I guessed it didn't work." Said the doc.

To be continued...