Hmmm I wonder if all the tanks in would be rivals...HMMMMM...

Well I only got some tanks but if ya'll got any tanks that could be rivals, comment please.

Tank Rivals

(NOTE: REMEMBER! These are the only tanks I thought of that are rivals!)

Triplet Vs Sprayer

Twin Vs Triplet

Auto-Gunner Vs Auto-Trapper

Triple Twin Vs Penta Shot

Penta Shot Vs Spread Shot

Annihilater Vs Hybrid

Hybrid Vs Skimmer

Ranger Vs Stalker (Might Be Dumb To Think Of it.)

Hybrid Vs Landmine

Landmine Vs Spike

Factory Vs Overlord

Manager Vs Landmine

Manager Vs Triplet

Overlord Vs Triplet

Probably that's all, but anyways comment (Or Post) below if you got anymore rivals.

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